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Writing is the Passport


The Significance of 'Writing' for the 'Self'

When faced with the self, the 'little self', the answers will always come from within.

That statement has more meaning than you know.

When the 'higher self' is activated then the journey has just begun.

The connection made comes in the way that resonates with the individual.
Each 'being' who has started the internal dialogue with the universe has flicked the switch, which in turn starts the ball rolling.

When the connection has been made and your inner search begins, the transformation has already begun in a way which is not understood in a 3rd dimensional self.
The feeling associated with your connection is mostly one of excitement and the origin known but not yet understood.

Early connections with the universe are usually masked with your own interpretations and swing on what is occurring in your life.
Even when the connection is made and new experiences come your way, the '3d self' will control the viewing of that new experienced life.
When a universal connection is made the 3D understanding of that connection is usually already tainted with the perceptions that have already been placed before you in the way of information being put about by 'spiritualists' or those who have their own interpretations of what they are connecting to.

The connection is there because the higher self has been activated within the 'self'. But that is all.
The associated feelings, experiences are there for you to know.
It does not give you cart blanche in that area of your life, it does not give you answers it just gives you the connection.

We will tell you that the true journey only begins when you step back from your 'little 3D self' and give way to a greater understanding, a greater connection.
The lessons learned will be swift when recognized. If not recognized, if not looked at then we will tell you that 'little self' will justify the 180 degrees out.

Little self will always avoid, turn it’s head, will defer away from itself when being threatened.

When the time is right and your journey has started to take on a universal life all of its own, then know that you are at the threshold of connecting to your 'True self" and not before.

We will also tell you that the journey truly begins when the connection to your true self is done with a clear intent to learn more about who you are.
That connection is in the way of 'writings' for the 'self' from the 'higher self' it is your PASSPORT to the True Self
As simple as that.

The 'writings', which come through you, are for your personal journey, it is your support mechanism, it gives you your truth.

The connection will only become stronger when this process is gone through.

It is the 'written word', which is linked to the higher consciousness, that will give you your answers.
Because it goes against the little self wants and gives you a direct path, it is challenged by the little self.

It may not be a conscious decision to not hear what has been said, but it is a deliberate attempt by the little self to sabotage any 'direction' that is in direct conflict with what it wants or has been conditioned to do.
It is like a layer of skin is being peeled away, painful, but the true picture is revealed when the wound is opened.

The only way to look at the self is to peel back the layers, it will not be done any other way, it cannot.

Until you ‘surrender’ yourself to 'yourself' by connecting to that greater part of you, then you will not begin to see what truly awaits you.
As you dance back and forth to avoid what needs to be seen then you will not see.
Do not fool yourself into believing that by just having that 'universal connection' is enough to give you your 'True Self', it has to be earned by climbing over and divesting what it is that makes you see a 3D way.

"Writing' is your connection that is what will make you see.
It's your personal diary; it's your personal new history, which is showing you the True You.
You will not find another way to your True Self unless you afford yourself the effort to find out who you truly are.

As it has been said before, no one can do it for you. The support of others around you is to show you that you are not on your own on your journey.

Everyone is different but the process is the same.

To fully understand the process you first have to come to a point within yourself that recognizes the universal process.
If you do not, then the journey becomes more protracted and a more difficult one as you try to do it your way not ours.
That then becomes your lessons.

When seen from 3D eyes, there is not a reason to tread the Universal path.

When seen from 5D eyes you cannot go back.

The pain of the journey is also an uplifting one as you begin to see the 'being' behind the person.


This is so.