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Worlds Upon Worlds Upon Worlds


Parallel Worlds, Parallel Planes, Parallel Lives. 

“To see yourselves as existing in one place only, is to see with limitations".

To understand that the singular Being you see yourself as, is to misunderstand the truth of the MATTER
To see that your world is but a mirror of itself, many times over, is to see with true understanding.
To call upon that which is within you, will see you come to conclusions, that will cause you to question the substance of MATTER, and material worlds and as such see that all, are in fact in a state of FLUX.

» Worlds are of dimensions, planes are of those worlds and dimensions.
» Worlds can have specifically tailored to them their own Parallels.

Where do you exist in all of this?

» You, in physical energetic and nonphysical energetic form are a part of it all.
» Your chosen incarnations are tailored to fit all of the Parallel Planes you will inhabit.

We come to tell you of these interwoven THREADS of lives that connect with you in THIS life.

Each of you carry with you precious CARGO.
The Cargo, being your “bodies of evidence”, your etheric bodies which step in and out of “selves”, to reestablish in cross overs, portions of “selves”, that dwell within planes, for the recovery of “selves”, not complete in energetic/spiritual D.N.A.

The “threads” that reach to minute particles of inner load bearing traces, do so for future bodies.

We will say, that you, in this life, will feel the impacts of those other current lives being lived in parallel, without a corresponding cause obvious in this one.
You will be subtly influenced by your “other selves”, while ever you and them occupy a physical existence.

It is all for your growth, be you Being or Droid.

To truly understand, you cannot see with 3D eyes. You WILL NOT SEE. no one will see, for it is not THERE.

You have walked into other realms, planes, lives and have not realised it.
You have fought battles and not felt victory.

If you have sought to find yourselves, you have experienced it.

You have come in and out of dimensions, even when you think you’re still where you are.
The Shifts, the Energy, the Sleep, the Talking, the Walking, every time you think you’re “with it”, we will tell you that you’re oblivious.

"This will give you something to ponder as you seek answers to questions.” 

“Worm Holes – Worm Holes.

Foreign to those of earth, but not of US.
Portals to and from, carry with it gestations of another place.
Further in to what WE call star systems parallels.

"I Am", the Creator of all there is, the Gift Of Design, the Grand Order of Design.

A spark is all it takes.

A Universe Created in parallel existences, is formed from the Beginning.
The Worlds upon Worlds are from that G.O.D. Beginning.

O-o-o-o-o-o-o and so it goes, each World Created IS linked to other Worlds by portals, which then allow further connections to be formed by Worm Holes.

There is a significant connection with Parallel Lives entwined within these portals and Worm Holes. 

A perfect existence
A perfect Gift Of Design
A Perfect Grand Order of Design, which allows each World to be connected to the Other.

This is So!