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The Why Behind the Why


What drives you to do what you do?
If you can answer that, then know that you can also answer the ‘why behind the why’.

When you are at a point of choice within the 3D realm, what drives you to make that choice?

Once you have made that choice, look at “why”, then look again.
If you are being open to what will come back to you, you will see that there is always an agenda, based on what the 3D self wants.

The “why” behind the “why” is getting to the crux of the matter.

3D choices are purely for self gain, whether it be to feel good about oneself, to put oneself in a position of victim, to be seen as better than, to expose another, to be judge, to reinforce, to undermine, to hold others accountable, to deny, to seek forgiveness, to give false impressions, to seek praise, to seek acceptance, to seek love, to seek revenge, to place blame, to take the heat away from the self, to keep up the illusion, to stop being found out.

When a 3D life is in full swing everything that opposes its very existence will be shot down.

The ‘why behind the why’ does not exist in a 3D life, as it has no place.
To have such a place means that it would have to be acknowledged and accepted that it does exist.

When something is non existent then how does one accept its presence?
There is nothing within the 3D realm that would subject itself to such an expose of the self.

What you are coming into now will be at odds with those who are in denial with what exists beyond their reasoning or understanding.
You have been given the eyes to see what is now being exposed.

When you are in agreement with the contractual self to carry out the “outing” of the 3D self, you will gain momentum into that realm of understanding in the way of seeing beyond the lessons.

The ‘why’ behind the ‘why’. The why behind the lesson, the why behind the protection, the why behind the perception, the why behind the judgment etc. etc.

When you begin to see the “why” behind the “why” in you, then you will begin to see further into the layers of the self and how operational it is in others.

With this will come clarity of self.

This is so.