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When Things Start Falling Apart

Where do you go? 

A question everyone needs to answer - for themselves.

When things are rosy, when life couldn’t be better, when your dreams are realised, when prayers are answered, when you have all you need, when the world is your oyster.
When you don’t need to concern yourself, when you don’t need to be part of what plays out around you, when you can distance yourself, then you need to ask yourself where do you go.

Everyone is a part of the whole.
Everyone plays their part, in whatever way, shape or form.
Everyone is accountable for their actions, no matter how great or small.
Everyone contributes in some way to the consequences of the world in which they live.

There is no one person better than another, there are only perceptions of that belief.

No man, woman or child should have to carry the beliefs, burdens or butchery of others.
No man, woman or child should have to suffer in silence while others watch on.
No man, woman or child should have to suffer the indignation that is put upon them.

When life is rosy in your garden can you knowingly look to yourself and be at one with yourself when others are suffering. Can you not hear the calls for help from the men, women and children who’s cries fall on deaf ears.

This happens every minute, of every second, of every day.
Yes, everyone came to earth with choices, everyone walked their walk and talked their talk. The ones who were placed on earth for their path did so with great sacrifice to themselves, so that others could see. See more than just themselves.
What earth has placed in its path did so for the “being” in you. Did so that when the time came and you were faced with things out of the ordinary, the extraordinary, you would not have to do it on your own.

When the time comes and you have to face what others have had to face on their journey and the cries for help were not heard, did not want their gardens soiled.

Where will you go?
Who will listen to you?
Who will hear the cries for help, this time?

This is what you will be faced with. Are you ready to look further than just your own backyards.

When earth starts to change and move. When earth gives way to what is now playing out in and around her.

Will you be ready?
Where will you go?

Why do you think you have all been given insights into yourselves?
What do you think these articles have all been about?

If you have been wise enough to see what has been given to you, to take on board what has been given to you, then you will know where to go.

This is so!