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What's the Deal


The question comes from the epitome of man.
"Man" chooses to know the answers for himself so he can continue to live accordingly.
To suffer at the hand of man is the choice of every human being.

If the choice were taken away then there would be no deal.

The deal is to come over what drives you away from the essence of ‘who you are’.

The deal is to find your way back.

The deal is to make a pact with yourself to sacrifice how you thought everything should be.

The deal is to re-establish your connection with yourself.

The deal is to make the most of who you are at any given time.

The deal is to recognise more than the earthly being can see.

The deal is to ‘seal the deal’.

Happiness is a human condition
Sadness is a human condition
Wanting is a human condition
Giving is a human condition
Expectation is a human condition
Perception is a human condition
Anger is a human condition
Taking is a human condition
Feeling is a human condition

What makes a human being experience emotions is a switch in the human brain that is always on.
It serves to subject you to every gambit of emotion or condition that is available to the human being.

» The condition is there to change.
» The condition is there to seek answers.
» The condition is there to make you think.

The deal is to seek to know all you can.

The triggers, answers, keys are all within the human condition.
You were designed from the very beginning with all the answers.
The puzzle is to find your own way back.
The pieces of the puzzle are within the self. Each piece is a microcosm that makes up the ‘being’.
The puzzle to the self is solvable, it is workable, and it is doable.
There is no mystery when you delve.

The delving into the self alters the switch in the human brain and takes it to the Universal Mind.
The switch is in every being  to adjust to another port.

The ‘port’ is the frequency that adapts to any change of condition.
A condition can be changed when there is a ‘universal mind’ to.

The switch in condition becomes unconditional, this switch in condition allows for clarity of ‘mind’.
You can only achieve ‘clarity of mind’ when the switch has been thrown.

Questioning is a condition of the human and when done without expectation of the answer there will be a softening of the ‘self’ to listen to what it needs to hear.
Expectations of the self, hearing what it wants, will put you back into the area of lessons of self.

The lessons of self will always be applicable when an outcome is being manoeuvred.
The outcome will be the lesson if seen.

The deal is that each being has the ability to flick the switch in themselves IF they have a mind to, depending on how much they are willing to let go.

In letting go the perceived pain IS the gain.
That’s the deal.

This is so.