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What Limits Your Potential As a Being


The fear of loss. 

What you cannot conceptualize you dismiss.
What you don’t understand, you ignore.

» You have under estimated your potential as a being.
» You have placed perceptions upon what a being is, how a being exists, how a being lives, how a being relates.
» You have sacrificed your potential as a being in order to satisfy the perceptions you have of yourself at this time.

What you don’t realise is, that in order to gain everything, you need to let go of what you know to be true.

What you know to be true is bound by the little/bigger self perceptions.
The self that lives and breathes an earthly existence does it with conditions of the earthly, not the universal.
Those conditions stop you from experiencing your universal potential.

» You have already experienced what the universe has to give you, but you dismiss what was yours to know.
» You have placed conditions on the universe.
» You are only prepared to walk a universal path as long as you are in control.
» You want to control the walk and the talk.

Until you understand what you are sacrificing in the universal self you will not know your full potential.

The being just does.
The being has no conditions.
The being has no judgments.
The being sees only the positives.
The being knows that there are no sacrifices to be made.

This is so.