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What Is Thought?

 WHAT IS “THOUGHT” (Relating to the 5D process) 

Every thought is appropriate.

Where you take that thought or what you do with that thought is of your choosing.
The True Self operates in its capacity of oneness with all that it knows.
It is removed from the affect of the 'thought' received and tests that part of the self that sees a 'thought given' as different, to what already IS.

When the True Self at this level, is given something out of the blue, it is seen as information only, but not of it.
Understand that the 3D physical self can only relate one way to information received.
It perceives that a 'thought given', as imperative to understand.
When you seek understanding or confirmation of a 'thought given', know that it is the 3D self wanting to know why, not the True Self that is insinuating.

You, sought to ask the question for an answer. The True Self that is you, seeks to know nothing, it just is.
It does not need to ask the question.
Only the self that doesn’t know seeks to validate why it has the thought in the first place.

The self that doesn’t know is 'given thoughts' every second of every minute, but is selective as to what it wants to know.
 As you can see, it is not about the 'thought given' and the answer to that thought BUT where it leads.

This is so.