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Way to Grow

So the journey begins.

» Way to go - Way to grow
» No way to go - No way to grow

To climb the never ending journey takes on a climb of its own as the climb gets steeper but focused.
The focused climb to the top is what your true self has aimed for.
The meeting of the Mind - the Universal Mind.
The Mind of the connected self.

To fully understand the Universal Mind you have to first embark knowingly on a journey to the self, to become the Actual Realised Enlightened Self. We will call this the connection to the UM & ARES.
Without this the journey has not begun.

When the conscious connection is made there begins a life of renewal of sorts. A life with insights to those parts of you that need focus, as to focus will give you what is needed to climb over your taught beliefs, your inherent ways.
When looking into the “self” with the beginnings of an awakened mind, (Universal Mind) you bring with you the limited understanding of it, with judgements. That judgement can stop you from directing yourself on the correct path as you try to equate your limited 3D knowledge with something far greater.

Growth can only be forthcoming when you decide to let go of taught beliefs and limited understanding.

The self that tries to rationalise a foreign circumstance (Universal) will not come up with answers only questions.
When the Universal Mind is part of your day to day existence and you operate from that objective, there is no thought to equate from 3D perspective as it will only be seen as an impeded journey. One not focused and flawed.

True growth comes quickly when that focused direction is enforced.

» The "little self" will become dislodged but able to get in the way if listened to.
» The "little self" will become your reference point as you leave it behind.

Growing out of the "little self" is divesting and can only be realised when that connection is made.
To grow out of oneself gives you a clear view a 360 degree radius. A view that is above what is below.
To stand back from oneself when in that connected self gives to you the real perspective of what surrounds you. Without blinkers.

To connect to the Universal Mind and the Actual Realised Enlightened Self, (UM & ARES) is the true purpose of a being.
To just connect.
The connection is a simple as asking for it.

In the 3D limited understanding of what that connection really means you can miss what is being said.
We will say this to you, that nothing ever happens the way you perceive it to be, as how could you possibly know what that connection entails or consists of. It may be in the way of "seeing", "hearing", "feeling", "speaking" or "writing". It can be in varying degrees depending on your contracted path.
Nothing happens by accident.
There is a purpose a reason why some people connect seemingly easy, while others have a more difficult road.
We will say that the ones who have the more difficult road have chosen so and to climb over themselves on their way up that mountain is to find what awaits them each step of the way.

Once the journeys begun, to turn around and go back down that mountain is to take away from yourself the most precious gift of all, the true you.

Once in touch with the Universal Mind and Actual Realised Enlightened Self, (UM & ARES) to dismiss what has been given to you will see you struggling and lost as you fight against yourself not the Universe.
When you choose to struggle you do it on your own, for your own lessons, for your own path.

The Universe will support you when you connect, not, when you choose to disconnect.

To grow in accordance with your Higher Self, the only requirement you need is YOU. It cannot be done without YOU.
You, connect with your higher self, which in turn connects with your True Self which in turn IS connected to the greater Universe. All working together as One to direct the "little self" to connect to the Universal Mind and Actual Realised Enlightened Self (UM & ARES) which gives you the Best Possible Outcome Life.

Way to Grow.

This is so!