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The Universal/True Self


What is the Universal/True self? 
The Universal self or True self has its own beginning, just like a baby born of earth has its own beginning.
The True Self is born of the "Mother", just like a baby is born of its mother.
The "Mother" of the True Self, is the "Mother" of all invention, the Creator of existence.

The True self, seeded from its "Mother", had a process to undergo that would give clarity of its life’s purpose, no different to a child going through it’s schooling and being taught the way of earth’s process.

The Universal self born of pure form and of a higher frequency learned quickly the Lore of the land, so to speak.
The True self was given its life’s path, with choices, lessons and contracts, no different to the earthly lessons, choices and contracts.

The True self in pure thought and form, has the ability to encapsulate its life, without putting any judgments, perceptions and expectations on its total run of any existence. Meaning, in pure thought and form it is able to make choices for its best possible outcome life.

The True self in pure thought and form has a contract or an agreement with the people who will be part of that life.
In that contracted life it is known of the outcomes or events that will play out.
In agreement with all concerned it is known that those contracts may or may not be carried out.

The True self being born of its "Mother", is given the right to accept or not accept the task at hand.

To accept the task at hand with a contracted life to fulfil, the True self knows of the soul growth involved and its entry into higher dimensions.

The True self, as part of its chosen life’s run, has to consider all the options of the life it chooses to enter.
In order for a True self to fulfil its contract, it has other enactive parts of itself to be born.

The Higher Self also of pure form is part of the True self.

The Higher Self, seen as a link in the chain of the one entity or True self, has its part to play also.
Without the Higher Self, the next link in the chain would not exist, the little self.

» The True Self is a living ‘being’ (entity)

» The Higher self is part of that living ‘being’

» The Little self also a living being, a ‘human being’

When the seeded ‘being’ (True self) is born of the earthly mother, the contracts of the True Self will begin.

The human being is the last rung in the ladder, with all its judgments and perceptions and is given the task of finding its way back to where it all began, the True self.

The climb back to the beginning was to show the way out of an existence that was created purely for learning about the self. With the earthly life in tow it was already known by you (your True self) of the obstacles you were facing.

The Higher self gives you your lessons so that you can get back to a universal understanding of who you are, your True self.

» The Universal self, when putting out in human form does not defer, defend or justify.

» The Universal self has no attachment to outcomes and will not take on judgments.

» The Universal self does not judge and has no perceptions or expectations.

» The Universal self will not use others as a way out.

» The Universal self does not need to explain.

» The Universal self will not put itself in any position of better than.

» The Universal self will not support anyone who relies on P.M.S. (poor me syndrome) to get what they want.

» The Universal self will in no way validate anyone who chooses to sabotage his or her own path.

» The Universal self will always take the high road.

When the earthly self begins to recognise what the Universal self (True self) already IS, the path is made easier as that recognition has a snowballing effect on the 3 selves (little self, higher self and true self) in the way of growth.

This is so.