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Universal Consciousness


The universal consciousness is that which lies within every ‘being’.

It is made up of True Selves from that one seeded beginning.

The consciousness of the True Selves is relayed through each ‘higher self’ to the earthly being. In that connected self, in the earthly being, it is translated as being connected, enlightened, awakened etc., it allows for the process to take the form.

The consciousness can be picked up, relayed, transmitted on that higher level in many ways.

To tap into the universal consciousness is as simple as ‘asking for it’.

The vibration or frequency that is accessible is on a different band or wavelength to earths.
It cannot be accessed by earthly means.

When accessing a higher frequency, know that the earthly form will start to feel the effects of such a connection.
When that consciousness has been tapped into, know that it encompasses all.

This is so.