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The Ubiquitous We


All things are possible, all things acknowledged, all things accepted.

The light that permeates, that surrounds, that transcends, forces the changes.

As the move to awareness increases, the move to prosperity is realized, all becomes known.

» All that is, is.

» All that was, was.

» All that is known, is not.

» All that is unconditional is total fulfillment.

» See the expanding universe as you, see the you as the expanding universe.

» See the expanding truth as ever evolving, see what you do not know as apt.

» See Trust as familiar, see Faith as sound and see Belief as imbedded.

All that is within, is that which you are.

Take steps mindfully.
Be aware of who drives you and who does not.

You move in three’s.
You take yourselves wherever you go.
You operate as is apt.

You move back and forth, in and out of the self that needs to learn.
You are more than the physical being you have come to know.

You, are the consciousness.

This is so.