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The Truth Has Been Lost In Translation


When dealing with a 3D understanding of ‘truth’, then recognise that the ‘truth’ will always be subject to a translated perception of that truth.

The ‘truth’ has been lost well before it can ever be translated.

When one is trying to ‘shore up’ a perceptible truth in oneself, first, and deal with what wants to be seen in ‘knowledge’ form within the self, then understand the 3D self has already begun to translate the truth.

3D truth has no basis to it, as there are variables and perceptions to boot.
When putting out a truth of self, or perceived truth of a situation, then all has been lost.

Perhaps the word ‘translation’ is nearer to the truth, than the word ‘truth’ itself.

Truth is a very powerful word and it carries with it many diverse selves.

» Truth can seek revenge.
» Truth can turn the tides
» Truth can calm the waters.
» Truth can make the unashamed, shamed
» Truth can make you run.
» Truth can make you hide.
» Truth can set you free.

When translating this ‘truth’, be sure to observe your own perceptions, as what you translate will be lost.

Truth only exists in a 3D world.
It is a 3D trait.
It is a 3D way.

When you recognise that the truth is only a perception and doesn’t have any 5D meaning associated with it, then you will start to understand, how “lost the truth has been in translation”.

This is so.