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The True Self is the Consciousness

All the people who are choosing to leave this earth are directed by the Consciousness/Contract of those Beings. 

When earth ceases to be.
When earth ceases its run.
When earth has come to itself via its own hand, then know that the Consciousness has had its way by deeds done and Contracts sealed.

Earth exists because of the Beings and Droids that inhabit its surface.

It came into being for a soul purpose, through the physical self having knowledge of the self that resides above all else, it would come to know more of itself ultimately.

The “Selves” were designed to Create a difference within the physical self.
It was the Design of G.O.D to Create a living circumstance by which ALL physical beings could reach their potential of a Universal kind, NOT earthly.

It was the Design that Created the Pattern.

The Pattern was created for ALL to see.
The Pattern was Created so that a “Higher Level of Thought” could be accessed in a living circumstance.

The Pattern when seen, is the Key to the Universal Door.
The Pattern when seen, sets out how to go about a Universal life on earth and is of a “higher vibration” to all living things on its surface.
The difference in vibration has a direct effect on the earth’s core as it is an opposing force.
This force is no different to the force that is felt within the self when you experience the opposite of what you know to be true.

The Cause and Effect that is felt within the Self is also directed to the Earth’s Core in a Vibrational Overtone.

When a Vibrational Overtone comes into contact with earth’s core, it reacts.
No different to the Self that spits the dummy when it feels the direct pressure of a Universal nature.

The Universe and earth are linked but are apposed.

There is no similarity between earth and the Universe just as there is no similarity between the Universal Self and the earthly self; they are in direct conflict with each other.

When the Universe has its Way and it Will, EARTH will come to know the difference between forces of an earthly kind and a Universal kind.

The forces of nature are in direct relation to the forces within the Self, the two go hand in hand.
When EARTH feels the brunt then know that it is only reacting to what it feels within the self.

Everything you have come to know is for a reason and this has been Designed so that it enables you to operate with full knowledge.
You are still coming into your selves at this time and knowing that be aware not to jump ahead of yourselves.

The Consciousness is the Effect of the Cause on an earthly level.

There are two Consciousnesses, one earthly and one Universal.

The earthly can be felt on that level; it has an effect that effects the earth’s core with a “vibrational overtone”. It reverberates at that level of vibration. The vortexes that are created are in direct relation to the affect on earth’s core.

Understand that an earthly way of life was created by its inhabitants for the sole purpose for the survival of the self.

The Being that resides within can be accessed but with its own set of boundaries.
To come across those boundaries within the self, the earthly self has to grapple with its own consciousness at that level.

The effect of earth’s consciousness on the human being is one of pressure, disillusionment, survival, being threatened, extinction and purpose.
This makes for a race of humans that are fighting from the very beginning to hold on to who they are.
At the core of every human being is not knowing “why”.
Humans were designed not to have the answers to the Universe, they would have to go to a “Higher Consciousness” to access what they needed.

The “Higher Consciousness” is the Contract of those Beings; the Higher Consciousness is the True Self of those Beings and is accessible.

The fight in every earthly being is always with the self that matters.
The fight will always connect you with the consciousness of earth at a core level.
The core of you on an earthly level is affected by the “Higher Core” of you at a Universal level because of the Contracts that are in place for your earthly run of life.

The Contract of earth is running out just like the Contract that is being negated by the earthly choices that are made, not the Universal.

There is a clear distinction between earthly choices and Universal, as the earthly choices are always made because of earthly wants and needs and are based only on earthly outcomes.

Universal choices take you away from what the earthly self desires and wants. It makes choices based on “no hidden agendas”, its choices have no “leanings” to a 3D outcome.

CHOICES are the CORE reasons whether you choose to live an earthly subjected life or a Universally directed life.

The difference being, that one life will be filled with lessons for lives to come and the other will give you the answers why, this life, you were meant to get it.
The Universal life has all the answers you need, the earthly life will never have the answers to the questions, as it doesn’t want to know, at the core level of an earthly consciousness.

Understand that earth will not change its set course because the consciousness of its inhabitants do not want to change what they want to control.

Earth’s consciousness is the Created Effect of a Cause that was brought about by the desire to keep things as they are.

There will not be a light of day brighter than this day; there will not be a level of seeing more “clear” than the sight given for those who choose to see.

Earth is winding down the only way it knows how.
Do you wish to contribute to the demise of earth and what you are still creating?

These questions when put to the self, which is in denial, will always come back with a retort that will keep earth on its elected path.
Do you see the Pattern?

This is so.