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The Process

The Process

The Process is the way by which you come to yourself. It is not driven by the 3d you, it is driven by the True Self via the Higher Self.


  The Process is the way by which you grow.
Any proof of information given, will only be realized by the self, by the individual concerned.
Remember, whatever is said, by whomever it is said, is for a reason.
That reason is for the understanding of self.
Remember, we are ALL and by that, we mean everyone, spoken through, by our Higher Selves, or the equivalent, whether it is understood or not, for the lessons of each other. The child, the postman, the baker, anyone.

No one is more connected to the truth than anyone else, BUT, some have a more conscious access to the process by which the truth is obtained. Some are further down the road to understanding themselves and the Process, than others are. The Process happens, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Beliefs, fixed beliefs, are just something that has to be climbed over, or not, to come to the understanding that NOTHING is FIXED. The “goal posts” are forever moving apart.
The understanding of this, helps to understand the Process.
Do not put yourself “down”, as the “student”, as we are ALL, teachers, teaching the teachers.

Do not take on what is not of you. You are not responsible for the growth of anyone, other than yourself. You are not responsible for whether anyone “gets it” or not.

Your example of walking the walk, will be your validation, not just talking the talk.