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The Journey - Two Identities


For us to live as One, it is simple. Do not acknowledge the self which is in repose.
Bringing to life the self that doesn’t know ignites the spirit of the sleeping soul.

Remember there are the two souls, the one of the Physical Soul Identity and the one of the True Self Identity.

Every time you acknowledge the presence of the sleeping soul, the True Self Identity appraises the action, direction and affect that the Physical Soul Identity has on the physical human being in that form.

Remember there are things being weighed constantly within the Physical Soul Identity. This relates to the relationship that has developed between the two Identities.
When there is an awareness of the two Identities within the One Being, the Physical Soul Identity will take precedence over the True Self Identity. This will only occur when a choice is made during the modus operandi of the Physical Soul Identity.

Understand, that this does not relate to the 3D process, this is going beyond that process into a way of being. You will only question from the Physical Soul Identity in order to understand the unfathomable.

In order to fulfill your contracted path you will eventually accept all the parts of Physical Soul Identity.

The Physical Soul Identity is your insurance that you remain connected to the earthly realm for the time required.
You are contracted in the earthly realm to encounter all your contacts for that life’s run.

This is the Physical Souls journey.

The True Self Identity is separate from that life’s run. That is why you live in twos.

On your journey to here, you only knew of the Physical Soul Identity and although there would have been encounters with your True Self Identity in your past life, in this life, it would not have had the impact until it was deemed necessary.

The True Self Identity does not live vicariously through you.
The True Self Identity is the changing form that you experience and live with as you come into that form.
It is a sorting process on the soul level that enables you to find your way forward with clarity.
The information you are given is the source by which you operate.

The Physical Soul Identity can have the best intentions but ultimately does not have the say or the way when an imbedding of the True Self Identity is insinuating.

The triggers in you are in the True Self Identity form.
It is the Physical Soul Identity that leads you and positions you precisely in order for you to see.

When a trigger is felt it will be followed through in one way or another.
At the point of a trigger the Physical Soul Identity has done its job so to speak in getting you to that point.

It is not the Physical Soul Identity that acts, it is the True Self Identity.

You will notice that as you come into more of the True Self Identity, the spoken word will come from that form.
The Physical Self Identity would already have stepped away from making its presence known because of the imbedding that would have already taken place.

When the two identities are present there will be a knock on affect in the Physical Soul Identity as it tries to fathom or justify what the True Self Identity is.
It will take an accepted knowing to force the Physical Soul Identity to see what it does in order to stay bolted to a position of seeing.
The questioning will always come from the Physical Soul Identity, as the answer is already present. It is now a matter of choice in the Physical Soul Identity as to the direction it will go.
The unsuredness will always be in the Physical Soul Identity.

Living with the Physical Soul Identity and the True Soul Identity is the WAY. It does not involve any 3D process.

This is showing you how the two consciousnesses exist on that level without the earthly self interference. 

This is so.