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The Further You Go, The Less You Know
The Further you Go, the Less you Know.

The further you go, the more you see, the more you see, the more you know, the more you know, the less you know.

Why do you know less when you know more?

You only think you know less when seen from a 3D perspective.
To see this from higher understanding is 180 degrees out with logical thinking.
We know that point of seeing changes from a 3D to Universal when a button is pressed in the physical self.
As all beings are at different rates of growth there is never the same point of reference. This can only be seen when the individual being has the understanding within the self.

We will give you an example.

The being that is walking their walk with their talk, has not come to a point of reference within them; they are still operating in 3D.

The being who is walking our (Universal) walk, with our (universal) talk has found the point of reference.

The being that thinks that they are walking our walk and talking our talk is subjected to their own limitations of what they perceive to be universal.

Know this, that the being who truly knows themselves, who truly sees the point of reference we refer to; will know without having to ask.

The 'being' who has only one agenda, that being to direct themselves in such a way that any interference from subjective 3D limitations is rejected, is thrown out, is seen as portending to have the answers, the way life should be.
A 'being' that has gained vast knowledge relating to themselves, their connection to the greater universe, is 3 steps ahead of themselves. Those 3 steps relates to the connection that pulls you out of a subjective way of seeing, into an undeniable way of being.

We leave you in the love that is everlasting.

This is so!