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Subliminal 5D


» Seeing further than the eyes can see.

» Feeling more than the emotions feel.

» Hearing more than the ears can hear.

When you start to enter the unconditional world of the universe, know that you are entering at core level.
One of the keys to seeing, feeling and hearing more is to overcome the 3D way of viewing.

You have with you many traits of 3D life, none more than the subliminal of a 3D world.
Subliminal messages in a 3D life are done in many ways; they are done in the way of advertising, religion, government, judgment and perception.

Subliminal messages in a 3D world are targeted; they are contrived and are aimed to get you to be of a certain mind set or way.
Subliminal messages are non threatening as they are an insinuated way of getting you to think a certain way.

» Governments
use this in the way of having power over you.
» Religions do it in the way of control through guilt.
» Advertising,
which comes in many forms, is done for control in a marketing way.

The way it works is through your good judgment and the way you perceive things to be. There is a hidden agenda that cannot be seen by the ‘self’ when targeted in this way.
You have already been predisposed to this way of thinking from a young child, as you are taught by those around you how to ‘see’.
You are therefore an easy target to sway in any direction.

3D subliminal targeting is done for one reason only, and that is to have control over your thoughts, that you may think are yours alone.
It can be used in all walks of life, from the Judge to the milkman, the housewife to the salesman, the child to the teenager. Wherever there is a need to get a message across to the masses in all walks of life then you will find subliminal targeting, not for good but for an outcome.

You are subjected to this whether you want it or not.
You are part of a system that survives on the hidden messages it sends you.

As you become more of ‘who you are’ in the 5D, you start to loose the blinkers.
The blinkers are what keep you all in place in a system that you think you are free to move.

Why do you think it is so hard to look at yourself, climb over your self, to recognize yourself?
You don’t have a clue who you are seeing when you start to divest that which has been part and parcel of your lives.

When the 5D starts to ‘become you’ and the blinkers start to come off, you become aware of another part of you that has not seen the light of day before.

It is like meeting a person for the first time, the exception being that the person that you are meeting is YOU.

When you dance back and forth from 3D logic to bigger 5D understanding the gap is enormous, as you go back to what you know to be in the 3D and what you are getting to know in the 5D.

The 5D allows you to see more. In seeing more you are given the gift of ‘new sight’ for sore eyes.
The eyes are the mirror to the soul and the window to the universe.
The eyes are also looking through the 3D window at the same time and viewing from both sides.
Make sure you know which way you are facing when you are viewing, from which window and why.

As the view to the universe expands and intensifies the quest to know more of the self also intensifies in a subliminal way. There maybe no thought to the process that you are encountering, it maybe just as simple as feeling different.

The subliminal 5D, the process you go through in order to push you further in understanding, can be likened to a train going through fog. It is on track, not quite sure where it is, can’t see a foot in front, but knows it will get there.

The subliminal 5D gives you a method of operation; it shows you more than the 3D eyes have been seeing.

Once you get to this point in your growth the fog will start to lift and you will begin to see more of the track in front of you, you will see further ahead.

The 5D gives back to you the truth of what you have been living with and in.
It gives you the method by which to see the 3D subliminal.
You begin to see what is underneath it all and how the 3D subliminal is swallowed holus bolus.
You will begin to see the contradictions and the truth of it.

There will be no fog.

Lessons will come of this for those who are in denial of ‘who they think they are’ at this point on their journey.
Know this to be true.

The denial will be in such a way that it will give rise to situations already present.

This is so.