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Stepping Back


Take yourself one step ahead of yourself and see how it is done.
By this we mean look for the signs that are there, the telling signs. The signs that give the 3D game away.

When you view yourself from the 5D in a 3D world, you can only see the truth of it, the plane truth, no tampering no fixing or swaying of that truth.

When choices are made in a 3D way then know that this is followed by an emotional response.

When a 5D approach is taken there is no emotional response, it just is.
Putting yourself between the 3D and 5D puts you on the bridge and you cannot determine for yourself the correct way to go because of the emotional tie to a situation.
Take away the webs that cover the truth of it and you will see plainly what is in front of you, be it your perception of a situation or an emotional response to it.

In determining whether it is perceptional, emotional or both, will give you knowledge of where the truth lay.

When you determine what it is that makes you respond in a certain way for whatever reason, you will be able to step back from the moment of impact.

The moment of impact will determine instantly the outcome.

With this knowledge in hand you can determine at the moment of impact, the choice and whether it is 3D or 5D.
If you choose to overlook the reasons behind a 3D choice, then expect to have the same countless lessons confront you.

When stepping back do it with 5D intent, not the 3D.

Step back because there is a lesson to be learned in the correct way with no agendas.

Stepping back will allow you to grow in the correct way.

Stepping back allows the other person to experience for themselves.

Stepping back involves no more than the simple task of not doing for others what they can do for themselves.

When you understand the meaning of stepping back in the bigger sense you will do it with clarity of heart with no hidden agendas.

Stepping back just means you allow for bigger things to flow.

To remove yourself from an attachment to a situation allows you to see without prejudice.
The challenge of the self, is to ‘see’ in no ordinary way.
To follow through on that challenge means facing the self in an extraordinary way.

When facing the self, remember that the “little self” does not hold the key, it only thinks it does.

Take the veil away that gives you a false impression of you.
When looking through tinted glasses they give you a distorted picture of the truth.

Once you begin to see you, as you truly are then there will be no obstacle too big to handle.

This is so.