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States of Being, 3D-5D


When you are given information about states of being, 3D and 5D, you are given this for a reason.
It is for you to understand where you are, at any point on your journey.

We have outlined for you, that the 3D condition is one of NO answers, only questions that have no answers.

The 3D condition as well, is a conditioning that leaves you with the conclusion that any of your expectations will not be met in the way you want them to be.
The upshot of this is the acceptance of the negative view.
No expected results = failure = a negative swing, or perception of life, 3D life.

When you are given and are exposed to 5D reality, without expectations, it is a reality of positive outcomes, in the big picture and in your daily life. Not 3D outcomes, far from it, but outcomes that give you direct growth of self.

If you view the 5D outcomes from the 3D perspective, you will do so with a swing of the negative and as such, will not believe, as you can only doubt by being in 3D mode.
If however, you take the high road, and view from the 5D/universal, EVERYTHING is apt, everything is moving in a positive direction and the ‘circular’ argument of the 3D state of being is very clearly highlighted.

The upshot of all this, is that you know when you are in 3D mode, by the doubts you will have about ANYTHING outside that state of being.
When you step out of this state of being and into the 5D/universal, you can ‘see’, where you have been.

No vision in 3D, none whatsoever.
No positive view in 3D, none at all.

SO if you choose to see from the negative 3D state of being, nothing outside of this will have any meaning, or will be truly believed.
If you vacillate between the two states of being, you will not be in a positive state to view correctly your position and will be still wracked with doubt.

To SEE correctly the both states of being, 3D and 5D, you can only be on the 5D shore. Being on the ‘bridge’ between, is being NOWHERE

You cannot ‘live’ on the bridge.

This is So.