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Source of All Creation G.O.D.




"I" come to you for the explicit reason of GROWTH.

» GROWTH only happens from the G.O.D. level.
» GROWTH occurs when the dying begins.
» GROWTH has no enemies, it is deemed beyond any reasonable understanding.

Lives are only changed when the GROWTH appears.

GROWTH comes at the expense of the self, then others.

When GROWTH falls into place, you will recognize it by its appearance.

GROWTH is not subject to any misfortune, it will happen whether you see it or not.

You are only given what is needed for GROWTH.

When GROWTH is seized in any form, know that the hand of G.O.D. is playing alongside you to give you courage in the tiny self, to step forward.

The tiny self exhibits itself in the way of disillusionment.

This is only to show you that disillusionment of the tiny self cannot see further than the eyes it has been given.
To see beyond the place you are in, is known as GROWTH.

To equate GROWTH with others GROWTH will have the opposite affect.

GROWTH is personal and it is profound and it should be worn on your sleeve.

Let no man twist the words given to suit their stable.

"I am" in your every word, "I am" in mans every word.

The WORD of G.O.D. is spoken in the living and the dying, the young and the old, the good and the bad and by the judged and unjudged.

The WORD of G.O.D. is of no lesser in one, than another.

The 3 are carriers, conductors and the message of the WORD, that is all. They do not walk amongst you for recognition of what they are. They are just the message. They are there to show you how GROWTH of self is carried and conducted in the message that is spoken and written.

There is no power in what they do. They are a walking message that can only be seen by the GROWTH that is portrayed in the self.

I come through Morphi this day so that she can resume her role for this life. This does not make her more than, it just allows the process to continue so that the GROWTH can continue.

"I" have spoken.