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The Self Struggles Without the Knowledge


When the self comes to know thy self, there is a formula that needs to be adhered to in order to bypass the trap that is set by the self.

When the self works to a formula that it is comfortable with, it looses its way, it struggles.
The blocks are put in place to make you climb over, not go around.

As the self struggles with the knowledge it has, it detours into the same chartered territories. It falls back on what it knows to be real in the 3D sense, not the 5D.

When the self pretends to have the answers the door will shut tight on the answer given. All in readiness for the next time when lessons await.

When you gain the step-by-step knowledge of self, you will come to know the depths of the answers given.
There are no easy answers, but the answers are there just the same when you begin to see the weave of the pattern emerge.

As you have struggled without the knowledge you have also gained the knowledge of what it is you now embark on.

The path is there for you to not figure out the ‘meaning of life’ but to live life in the knowledge that every step that you take is done with the knowledge of bigger understanding of the self.

To come to a soft understanding limits the knowledge base that is within you.
To come to a struggle of self without knowledge, shows to you that you do what you do because you cannot do it any other way.

The struggle of self shows you indicators all along the way.
The struggle with knowledge brings bigger understanding to the struggle without knowledge

When changes are written and they are, the turn about will come in a climactic way. All levels are involved for the best result. 

To come to a point of seeing a struggle of self without knowledge, will precede the objective directive.

We give you a checklist of universally based needs. This will show you if you are ready for the next stage of the journey.



We will say that the self still struggles with what is above – to look at the self that struggles without the knowledge – the core knowledge, you will see how the universe works when it endeavours to help you get to the point of new understanding.

This is so.