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Second Chance
Second Chance.

What do you SEE – 180 degree switch.

This is what it is all about.

Everyone, everyone HAS a Second Chance.

There will come a point in every droid, beings life when he or she is given a Second Chance at life in an earthly form.
Don’t you SEE, this is the point at which you are given that Objective Directive.
Those that are bound by belief or not, are on equal footing here, as at the point of Second Chance there is a Switch that will turn on.

Do not confuse religion with what we speak.

We are not speaking of ‘inscribed’ beliefs, we are speaking of that juncture where you have no ‘text’ belief or taught belief, but a coming together of the self, known only to you and a higher power which is undeniable at that point.

That point of impact, collision of self and power, is so forceful that it puts you in a state of separateness from your known awareness in the physical, to a known awareness in the universal.
Without doubt, without shadows, you operate in the universal light.
We call it the light because it represents what you are, weigh. It takes from you your burdens, your weights.
It is weightlessness.

You have at that point felt what is not of physical life understanding.

We say ‘Second Chance’, as at this point your life truly begins it’s journey.
You have your life as was known from that point and the next life which is new.
Some people say born again, we prefer to say , ‘Second Chance’.

Born again refers to the god connection on a physical level, in a 3 dimensional way, with text beliefs.

Second Chance is that point at which you are introduced to your Higher Self, the self that will set about directing you through your G.O.D. connection, but without limitations of text.

The Higher Self knows no boundaries, it is unlimited in it’s findings.

Why is a Second Chance given to all equally, why put a label on what you would just refer to as, found yourself, or enlightened, or born again.

The reason for this is to give you further understanding of how it truly works.
Second Chance is the point at which you ‘get it’.
» The point at which you start to See.
» The point at which you begin to truly learn your lessons.
» The point at which you leave the 3rd dimensional Merry- Go- Round.
» The point at which it IS clear there is another way to view your actions and reactions.
» The point at which your choices will lead you directly and objectively.

All lives are given by G.O.D. and received.
The seed planted from birth was the chance at life – the chance to find the meaning behind your reasons for being earthbound.
The chance to develop your skills, to make way for what would come your way.

A second chance ‘life’ for a droid is the point at which a choice will be made to follow a beneficial life that is not easily seduced by the 3rd dimensional trappings.

Although higher Self is kept at length until young soul – a droid will have that god connection in an earthly way.

A being who fulfils their contract and takes the Second Chance will live knowing of their past, parallel lives – will reach a point where the little Self will be unfamiliar to them.

When a Second Chance is realised, there is never a going back – To try, would not succeed in what once was known.
Second Chance has with it ‘lores’ of the universal way – Set apart, adrift from loyalty to those who imbed themselves in diatrap – Put out thoughts of harshness and culpability, replace what was known with gestures of kind.

Do not take from thee the placitude.
Do not take from thee the rationale.
Do not take from thee the personal.

Give to thee latitude.
Give to thee acceptance and thanks.
Give to thee abundantly.
Give to thee ‘thy true name’.
Give to thee that which ‘cements’ and ‘mends’.
Give to thee thy ‘True face’.
Give to thee the ‘Steps’.

Hollow is the ground which knows not ‘ME’.(G.O.D.)

» The Word.
» The Way.
» The Will.

Enter not at your own risk.
Enter because of it.
See beyond the day to day.
See it breath by breath.
Look forward to the uncertainty.
Look past it’s grip.
Seek to live outside of yourself.
Seek to marginalise your holdings.

This is So!