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Resistance and Acceptance of Self


To counteract resistance on all levels one acknowledges it's presence. 
If you allow yourself to ACCEPT all that you are on all levels of growth and understanding you will begin to accept you as you, the individual, the student, the teacher, the child and the being.

All those levels make up the being.

The things you can’t change, you accept.
By accepting that part of you and acknowledging its very presence, then allows you to deal with that part of you “that plays that part”.
This does not mean that you turn a blind eye to that part of you that wants what it wants. It means that you embrace that part of you that doesn’t know any different and move onward and upward.

This is not about turning your back on what makes up the being, the individual, this is about seeing who you really are warts and all and recognising that it is O.K.

When you finally accept you, the way you are, you will feel the freedom to speak.
The freedom to speak when not being spoken to, the freedom to have a different view, the freedom to feel uncomfortable, the freedom to feel put upon, the freedom to feel for it not to be O.K, the freedom to be able to come to you, the way you need to.

Every step you take towards the freedom of self WILL be the correct step and to accept that you are WORTHY, the way you are NOW.

As you grow on ALL levels at once, everything moves forward.
This is why you have trouble with understanding how you can put out in 5D while still having 3D feelings about yourself. Because the inherent self still has its memories, it will carry with it feelings from those memories.

When you feel a certain way inherently, it has the potential to mislead you.
You have changed, the way you perceive has changed, the way you think has changed, the way you do has changed, the way you see, has changed.
.The one thing that stays with you is the feeling
The feeling can mislead you into thinking you are doing something wrong, that you are not seeing, not doing or should be seeing and should be doing.

What you have to realise here is, because you DO see bigger, do see further, the 3d self can then take on it’s own inabilities, at that level of seeing.

It can become too much, as what it is dealing with, is out of it’s league, so to speak.

The 3d self, can take that on, as not feeling good about itself, incapable. It almost feels cheated in a way that it hasn’t the ability to perform.
This is why it sees what it does, in the way of ‘WRITINGS’/CONNECTIONS, as separate from it, as the 3d self is not capable enough to do it, itself.

The 3d self can’t recognise what it can’t see.
The being only recognises what it feels.
The 3d self doesn’t feel part, of this ability, it doesn’t feel connected to that ability.

When the being accepts itself, warts and all and doesn’t take them on, as less than, not worthy and a hindrance then it will move forward in that part it plays.

All the parts to the self do not die, they just fade away. It is not about forgetting the person who got you this far, it’s about acknowledging and accepting the fact that YOU GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

The belief of self has never been part of your recognition.
You cannot recognise something that hasn’t been there. This is something that you will need to work on within the self.

It will start with not comparing yourself with others and using this as your benchmark.
You see your worthlessness in others abilities.

This is so.