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Reality Pt 2


“As time becomes the space that surrounds us – know that we are that space created”.

Every single living creature on earth is an illusion of the reality that awaits.

What encompasses the whole is the living G.O.D. that is contained within ALL.

Reality is only sought after when there is a search from within.

To believe that reality is now being lived, will be judged that way by those who do not have eyes to see.

It is really very simple.
The Grand Order of Design gave to everyone the ability to choose – Free will.
In that ‘free will’ there was created an expectancy.
The expectancy was to lampoon oneself into thinking that the reality created by that self was to be in the living self in the 3D existence.
This then gave to the self the ability to only encompass what it knew to be in that lived existence on earth.

The 3D physical self was to experience its living self for one purpose only, that being to connect to the inner selves of that lived life on earth. No other reason.

So in reality the reason for being placed on earth was to connect to your ‘Universal/G.O.D.’ self.

The created self, the True Self, is in reality the only self that exists in reality.
It knows all there is to know in that self.
It knows its lessons to be learned in the illusionary little self, the self that will live a physical life on earth.

The illusion that was created by the G.O.D. Self was for the soul growth for the True self.

The illusion created was for each and every being and droid to discover their True identity in an illusionary world.

Earth was not created for 3D humans to control, what they thought to be.
Earth was created to be who you were meant to be.

To become one with the G.O.D. self would give to you your connection to the reality that awaits you.

When a being has the knowledge within to connect to the G.O.D. self, then the true reality will become known.

To live with greater knowledge of what reality is, will give to you, your purpose in an illusionary world.

The reality that has been given to you this time on earth is to show you how to achieve within the being self, full knowledge.

That knowledge will then begin to take you further into universal understanding of the workings of you.
When you begin to see further than your 3D eyes can take you, you will understand how universal reality becomes part and parcel of a physical life.

To achieve a universal reality on earth will take you from 3D to 5D.
When living with a 5D reality then you truly begin to understand why it is so important for a being to have knowledge of this while still living an earthly life.

The earthly expanse of a physical life was given for an illusionary time.
The time deemed for each life lived was of a contracted time.

When reality becomes the truth of it on earth, then the process begins.

When each being comes to full understanding of their 5D reality the journey will truly begin.

This is so!