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Reality Pt1

What gives birth to it? 

If reality is a Universal mind, what is outside of the Universal mind? What gives birth to the reality?

In answering the question, you need to divorce yourself from your logical way of thinking, seeing, from your 3D way of interpreting what comes to you naturally, from your perceived processes.
To do this enables you to see what is given to you directly from the universal mind.

You need to step back from yourself, to open to other realms.
When you do this you will see how the universal mind works.

Lets take reality.
There is no reality in the hologramatic world. There is a force, which has created your circumstances.

The Universal mind is a consciousness that just IS.

It is a created consciousness.

It is created by the Grand Order of Design, and it knows no other life before it, as it cannot.
It surpasses all knowledge.
Created consciousness is the life force of every being throughout all the universes. You give birth to reality only when that contact is made via your true selves.
The ' being' which created you.
That 'being' (true self) is directly linked to the Greater consciousness, which in turn gives you the 'entity being', the reality.

What you live in your hologramatic world is a created circumstance.
It does not give you reality it gives you the feeling of such.
It gives you the illusion of a reality.
The most difficult illusion of all illusions as you struggle with the concept of what gives birth to reality.

To look at this from a 3 dimensional perspective:
Imagine 'you' (the physical) is the creation, and the 'being' (you) is the reality.
Look at this the same universally, the 'being' (true you) is the reality, and the G.O.D.(Grand Order of Design) is the created consciousness.

This is So!