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Processing the Process
Processing the Process

“Life is like a process, you just have to recognize it as such.”

» Every thought, feeling, action and non action is a process.
» Every breath you take is another beginning to the same process.

The process of life is “doable”, even in a non thinking way. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that you are just part of a conglomerate of other matched or mismatched souls participating in the process of life.

The process has always been there; you were born into it.
You, don’t happen to the process, the process happens to you.

Being part of a 3D process enables you to fit. To be seen as towing the line, doing what is expected of you, keeps the 3D process a viable option. You are playing your part in that 3D process, holding up your end of the bargain to keep it afloat.

In the fight for survival in the 3D process you quickly become attuned to that way of doing, performing. You seek to support not only the process that has become part of you, but also defend that process that has got you this far on your journey.
You live the journey of the 3D process, so that you will be accepted by the whole.
The process got you this far and there’s part of you that feels it owes, or has a need to give back, what the 3D process has given you.

How hard then can it be, to accept a new concept; a new process when it is 180 degrees out, with so called “normal life”.

How hard can it be, to climb over what you have lived with, what has become part of you.

How hard can it be, to accept a “new way” of life when there is nothing to hold on to, only words, feelings?

» A “new process” overlaying and “old process”.
» A “new process” integrating with an “old process”.
» A “new process” that takes away and “old processes” belief.

How hard can it be, when you are constantly dodging a new way of being and seeing, when you have a mountain to climb?

How hard can it be, when there is a part of you that doesn’t want to escape from an “old process” and old way of being?

How hard can it be, when you know that to move forward, you will have to let go of the “old process”?

How hard can it be, when you know that the journey you travel at this point has choices with it that will take you away from old comforts, old processes.?

How hard can it be, when you know that the driver in control has the ability to divert away from yourself and has the ability to convince you that you are on the correct path?

Life is a process. Life has pockets. Life has escape hatches.

When dealing with the little self, you deal with a master of deceit.

When dealing with the Higher Self, you deal with a master of truth.

The Universal process is no different to a 3D process, it has it’s own Lore/laws with it.

A Universal process happens to you, just like a 3D process happens to you.

You are born into a 3D process.

A Universal process is born into you. It is a new beginning, a new process and a new way of life. It’s a hard road when you are fighting with another way of being and seeing that has been with you for so long.

When you experience a new way of being and a new process, the old way of operating has no place to go, initially. The experience is uplifting and new, invigorating and unsurpassed. It gives you a “high”, it gives you a false way of being. This is just the beginning of a road littered with filtered thoughts and clouded perceptions. This is a road being directed by the little self to fit into the 3D life. Make no mistake, when coming from a 3D process all you can do is make a new way of seeing fit into what you know. You make room for the new you to operate within the confines of the “old ways”.

Old perceptions thrown in with the new perceptions of how you think it should be.

When the “new shoe” starts to feel comfortable with the “old you”, a curious thing happens. The old you will still try to make the new shoe fit, even though you have outgrown the “new shoe”. You just don’t see it but you feel it.

When you are dealing with a Universal process, you are dealing with an ever expanding universe. No different to an old you in a new shoe. The old you is growing and expanding. You outgrow the new shoe. As you keep getting new shoes to fit the expanding you, you begin to grow in the best way. You become part of the Universal process that is happening to you. You give yourself the freedom to move within that process.

Processing new ways has with it obstacles of self, on all levels of understanding. As you process information given to you, you will also be expanding in that knowledge of personal growth. As the personal growth expands and you move forward, the goal posts in Universal understanding also move, so that you can gain more knowledge of self.

The process is ever evolving, expanding, moving in a spiraling direction upwards, taking you with it.

As you are taken further in your understanding, you will reach a plateau of self. That plateau gives you an opportunity to view your surrounds, take notes on your status.

Plateaus are the time for healing and sealing. They give a chance to regain your strength of self and move forward, or not.

When a plateau is reached in Universal understanding, it still has with it a 3D process that you operate by, that you abide by, that you judge by. By recognizing the “symptoms” of a 3D process, you are then able to look at your active self.

To step back from what you think you know and open yourself up to more of you, can only be done with a clear intent. If there is no clear intent then there is an agenda of self that is perpetrating a 3D circumstance.

To go with the flow is no way to grow.

To be upfront and recognize whom you think you are dealing with in the self, will give you what is required for the next part of your journey.

This is so.