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Past, Present & Future


This is represented by the 3 selves.

Past is what you bring with you into all your lives it is the self that learns and grows from what it has been in all its lived lives. Little self.

Present is what you live with and grow from, it propels you forward; it is the self that knows of its connected life.
It is the metamorphic self, the one that overcomes and learns from its past. It is the learned self. Higher self.

Future is where the 5D self sets its sights.
It is through the True self that you will become One with your past and present.
The culmination of the 3 gives you your True identity.

When the past, present and future collapse into one then the imbedded True self will have its way.
This is when the earthly life will fade.
Clarity is not a perceived way, it is an intended way. It gives new life when the old life is done.

Past, Present and Future in the 3, (M.A.M.) is represented in the way of G.O.D. Source.
The 3 joined forces so that the Truth of Self could be told.
Not to be disseminated with 1 being, but 3. It had to be this way so that all sides of the self could be seen and understood. It is a foolproof method we would say. 

This is so.