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To Have No Leaning


What is it to have a neutral view from a Universal standpoint and how do we achieve this neutrality?

Universally speaking it cannot be achieved with a 3D outlook, it cannot be.

To be neutral would have the appearance of not being one or the other.
How can you not be one or the other when you are already programmed to be one way or another?

To be neutral, one would have to be without perceptions or judgments, without knowledge without presumptions.
In a 3D circumstance to be neutral would be termed "sitting on the fence".

To say you are neutral is to imply, infer that you have no thought or leaning to one side.
Human nature is designed to lean.
To be neutral has the implication of self preservation we will say. To protect the self from what you are trying not to attract.

It is just another way of not looking at the self.

To not love or hate, have no attachments to outcomes, to seek no benefit of self, to look beyond any earthly meaning or reasoning, to have no encumberments of past, to have no investments to outcomes, to have no attachment to your history, to have no loyalty to self or others, no prejudices, no judgments, perceptions or assumptions, no ties, no lies –

No leaning. It’s called just being.

This is so.