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Needs or Wants


How do we know when we are operating from a needs basis or a wants basis, when it is on this knife-edge?

A need moves you forward.

The self knows what it needs to exist comfortably within its range.
The self knows what is needed for its survival.

When the self has what it needs but is thrust into a situation whereby the needs are threatened by an uncontrollable force, the ‘outside’, the self quickly resorts to other means to get back what it needs to move forward.

A want takes you past your needs.

A want can be disguised as a need to get you back to where you are comfortable in the self.

As life moves forward in an upward spiralling direction it also will have a counter effect as obstacles present themselves.
In wanting to move forward there is an attachment to this process that makes the self disengage the need.
The need is overshadowed by the want as the ‘self’ tries to give its lessons by showing the ‘fine line’.

When coming into the bigger 5D understanding, the self struggles with what it struggled with before. The difference is that now the insinuation of the 5D over the 3D has surpassed your 3D reasoning.
When you are leaning one way the need is greater to move forward than not and anything in your way is quickly challenged in the self.
Obstacles before the self are a hindrance on that path and so become a ‘foreign body’ in a sense.

All lessons are learned when the realisation is upon you that the obstacle that faces you is the opposing side of you, the side that is retaliating in a sense to clear the way for the bigger self.

The mirror being reflected is the wants versus needs.

In trying to clear the way so to speak you give yourself a view of what the self wants, not what the self needs.

The self only needs to complete the task that is at hand, not the outcome.
When the 3D self projects what the self wants to ‘be’, then you must realise that you are looking for an outcome.
 When the self accepts what it has, at any given point in time, then the self has all it needs to proceed forward without the hindrance of wants. It is in that projection of the self to an outcome that become the knifes edge.

When operating on the knifes edge you will know, as there will be a pull to an outcome. When there isn’t a pull then you will have what you need at that moment in time.

This is so.