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Marigolds and Miracles


What is in a name?

Miracles, Marigolds it's how you perceive it to be.

Do not get caught up in the name but know that the power of that source is real.

When the journey has begun, when you have come to realize, what's in a name, then you will know that the forces behind the name will not mean what others perceive it to be.

We will say to you that the 'messages' that come through you all, is the G.O.D. connection.

Without that connection there would be no' marigolds'.

The miracles that are given everyday on earth are for people coming to 'crossroads' in their lives, it's their second chance to set them on an altered course, a direct path if they so choose.

In the life of a 'being' the 'marigolds' happen through their known choices, their known decisions, their known actions in that directed way.
The marigolds may not be seen in the same light as those who have a 'miracle' occur in their life in a 3D way, but it needs to be seen in a progressive way, a worked through way.

When you begin the journey to your 'true self' the little self takes the brunt of what will begin to be your life's lessons.

To further understand the workings of the creator, it needs to be seen that asking for the 'self', the helping hand for the self, from that greater source is paramount.
The only way one can 'get through' a 3D life is to connect fully to that higher power for the help required.

G.O.D. is the 'rock' that will support you will give you what you need to succeed in coming to your true self.
The ones who have the difficulty are the ones, we will say, who try to do it in their own way without asking for direct help

Marigolds do happen. Ask the 3.
Why do you think they are here, why do you think they have been given to you?
It wasn't to give you a hard time.
It is to show you how a connected life will give you 'marigolds' everyday.
The miracles are in the way of a 'true connection' with a firm understanding of what Trust, Faith and Belief are truly about.

To surrender to that trust, faith and belief is the direct route.
It doesn't stop the doubts of little self along the way, but that is your way of telling how far you have come.
It gives you your reference point.

When you hear the 3 say to you, "you just have to ask for it" then know that is when the ball starts rolling, wheels are set in motion, the change in your life has begun to play out. Not in the way or time you think, but it will happen.

That is when the 'marigolds', 'miracles' begin. It's how you perceive them to be.

Miracles in the 3D understanding happen for specific reasons, for that person for that life.

The 'marigolds' are manifested by the way you walk your walk and talk your talk in that knowing connection of a sacrificed life.
That sacrificed life, is for the life you lead now in a 3D sense, it is meant to be seen from your true self-connection.
You cannot get it any other way.
It will not come in the way of 'little self' thinking or doing.
It will only be done through the higher self-connection.

Once you have started to 'feel' the difference, see the difference, then you will know.
Do not be fooled by 'little self' into believing you have 'got it'.

» You will know, when your thoughts no longer have the attachment of 3D way.
» You will know, when you no longer have the necessity to control your life the way you want it to go.

» You will know, when you no longer have the desire to hold on to what once was.

When you truly have trust, faith and belief in your connected self and the path it wants you to travel, then know that the 'miracles', 'marigolds' that happen in your life will not be by chance but because of choices you have made.

This is so!