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Life Force Life Source

Life Force – Life Source 

The life force in every being is what drives that being beyond human capabilities.
There could not be a different way of seeing if that force was not in you.
You could not change a 3D life if the connecting force was not a part of you.

The life of that force is realized in the very existence of you.
The life source is what keeps you going, keeps you doing what you do.

That source could not operate in you if not directed from the life force.
The two go hand in hand.

This is how you walk the walk and talk the talk through the force, the source, specially directed to give you what you need to implement changes in your life, your ways, your time.

The time you have, to do what is necessary for the soul reason for your existence.

It is only of 3D perspective to know your limitations, to know not what or who you are.
The force that comes with a force is to show you the difference between universal and earthly.

To give you your difference.

Meaning of Life Force: 

Life force is that what was created to give the direction.
Life force comes from the born consciousness of every being.
That consciousness is a force which embodies the totality of all life.

Meaning of Life Source: 

Life source comes from the enacted consciousness of a being.
The source is what gives the being it’s drive, it’s contact, it’s reason for following it’s higher path in life.

This is So.