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Letting Go


Why is it so hard, yet so easy? 

» To let go of familiarity.
» To let go of judgements.
» To let go of self absorbsion.
» To let go of fear.
» To let go of your comfort zone.
» To let go of your history.

Look to yourself, before you look to others for answers.

Why is it so difficult to ‘let go’ of taught beliefs, whether it be religion or societies?

It is not easy, as once you step outside the ‘known 3-D’ way and into your ‘own’ (higher self) way, you will be judged for it.

The ‘known way’, your comfort zone, allows you to ‘free fall’, it allows you to not be accountable, to hide what you do not want others to see and it allows you to exist where you are accepted for your masks. Where you either put out what you want others to see, or you put out, out of ignorance what you want others to hear.

To take the opposite road is a choice, an acceptable decision as it is the path of lessons, of coming to your own outcomes that you have been directed to live.

The opposite is directly 180 degrees out with higher understanding.

It is not a mystical figment of one’s imagination, it is the part of you that exists within the realms of your 3rd dimensional life.

It does not relate to judgement or intolerance, but serves to take that impediment away from you.
It gives you clear thought and objectiveness, it gives you another way to see yourself with no strings attached, only those invisible ones that are naked to the eye, but securely in place that are PUT THERE BY YOURSELF.

There is no foreign body or force which is going to invade your thoughts or transmute you into something which controls you. Far from it, far, far, far from it.

Picture this:

A baby - ‘the beginning’ – ‘True Self’.

Adolescence – Inherited and Imposed belief – ‘Little self’.

Adult – Education, Knowledge – ‘Higher Self’.

True self – little self – higher self.

Everyone is exposed ‘after’ the beginning, exposed to what is around them good, bad or indifferent.
This has nothing to do with a 3D education as such, but everything to do with society and its affect on you, the person. That ‘way’, gives you your road, the way you travel in life – it can open you up or it close you down.

Open (higher self) minded, closed (little self) minded.

To be open minded allows you to ‘hear’ what others have to say.
It allows you the freedom not to judge, as you cannot.
It gives you access to the objective side of you, the higher self part of you.

Do not fool yourself into supposing you are of open mind when you fall into the trap of deluding yourself or self righteousness.
These are the little self’s (inherited, learned) actions.

Little self will always try to justify itself for actions taken, behaviour or simply not want to see what it puts out.
The reason for this is quite simply put.
To look at oneself under the microscope would then lead to accountability, to self judgements.

The self can be the hardest critic of all.

Little Self ‘controls’ it leads you falsely and it leads you subjectively.

To say that the ‘little self’ could let go, divest if it wanted to, is a subjective statement and has subjective motives.
It is telling you that ‘no-one’ is going to make you do anything that you don’t want to.
Controlling ‘little self’ is that strong, that it can stop you if it wants to.
So, your thoughts, your subjective ‘little self’ thoughts are, who you are, right now, this minute.
The second you subject yourself and lead yourself down that road, that’s where you will stay, angry, confused, irritable, closed, judgemental and controlling. Feel good! We don’t think so.

To see the ‘higher self’ as separate from you, outside of you, suggests that you perceive this as something foreign or divorced from you, the person. That you are inviting or allowing something in that is separate from you, this is not so, you could not be further from the ‘truth’, if you tried.

Baby (self)
Adolescence (little self)

Adult (higher self)

If you see the analogy, ALL one and the same – just varying stages of growth.
The ‘higher self’, (universally speaking) is the untapped cognitive thought, but is in you, unrecognised if you choose not to see it.

Once you cross that ‘self imposed’ barrier, something remarkable begins to take place:-

» You begin to ‘see’ differently
» You begin to ‘hear’ differently
» You begin to ‘choose’ differently
» You begin to ‘relate’ differently
» You begin to ‘feel’ differently
» You begin to ‘live’ differently

You begin to let the ‘walls’ come down. You start to see another person emerge, the real you, same body, same face, same outer appearance – but you begin to you ‘walk’ a different walk – ‘talk’ a different talk.

When we say it’s the ‘who you are’ will emerge, we mean it’s the metamorphosis that takes place within you, a new way of being.
So, ‘letting go’ of old ways just becomes part and parcel of the new packaging.

No mystical ‘voo doo’, just you doing it to you.

It doesn’t come without pain, it doesn’t come without tears and it doesn’t come without trying. But what you are left with is worth the pain. No pain, no gain.

If you feel that ‘tug’ within yourself, to look beyond what you think you know, then your journey has begun.

When man stops himself from seeing beyond his understanding, his own ignorance, then what you see before you is a tree without roots, a tree without limbs. No where to go, no way to grow.

All life is given, all life is sustained when nurtured the correct way.

This is so.