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Inherent Selves

Truth of Source and the Process

As you started down your road of Universal Knowledge, you became aware that there were many parts to you. 3, to be exact. You were taught that there was your “little” 3d self, ( the “little” self is part of your 3d self, it is the “self” that you can “grow” out of) your Higher Self, which controls your contract and gives you intuitive “hints” to keep you on track and your True Self/soul that sent you on this journey.

The True Self is the “Cause”
The Higher self Is the “Effect”
The 3d self is the cause.
The little self is the effect.

The Higher self gives the “lessons” to the 3d self and “little” self, not just by intuition, but by any means it can. Through other people, situations, etc, etc.

Take “writing”, for instance. If you write with an expectation, or an outcome in mind, what you more than likely will receive, is what you WANTED to hear. This, then becomes a lesson in expectation. You could say that you have been “lied” to by your Higher Self, but in fact, all that is happening, is the “stepping back” of your Higher Self, so that you may receive the lesson. You may say, well then, how do I know when what I am receiving, is the truth. Well, it’s how you “feel” about the answer. If it is a straight out justification, in your mind, of the 3d circumstance, you will feel self righteous and validated, but still very 3d, still “little” self. If however, the answer lifts you to a “higher” level of understanding, in which there are NO 3d feelings, no judgments, no validations, just a lightness, or a realization that you would not have thought of in your 3d self, then you will know that it is information not of the 3d, because it does not “fire off” any 3d thoughts, except maybe more questions, but questions are of the Universal Process.

You must remember that the “goal posts” are always moving, there is NO fixed point where you can say,
 “I have it”.