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If You So Choose


» A 3D life is an inherent one.

» A 5D life is a learned one.

In a 3D life, the choices you make are based on what is driving you to make the choice, in a subjective way and always with the “hidden self” in tow.
The choices made in a 3D life are existent upon what is inherently within.

A 5D enacted run has full knowledge in the “universal self”.

When coming into the 5D enlightened self, the choices made are now with bigger stakes in place.
When you know, in a 3D life, what is at stake then you have an idea what has to be done in a 3D sense.

Because you are not fully aware of what is at stake in a 5D life, you tend to second guess what is at play.
No different to what is meant by “if you so choose”.

In a 3D sense the words “if you so choose” could be agenda driven, it would have a weight behind it that was subjective. There would be lessons.

When coming into a bigger 5D understanding the words “if you so choose” do not have the weight of the 3D, but the clarity of the 5D, when gleaned.

To choose a route, a path, a direction, a way, becomes your G.O.D. given choice within the realms of Universal Lore. Understand, you have already made the “choice” to be directed, whether you are aware or not.

To do “if you so choose” then becomes the way you choose to go, in a directed way with the support of the universe firmly implanted.
There are boundaries within the 5D. Those boundaries are there to “get you comfortable” as it were with a new way of seeing and doing.
 Yes, the questions you ask do become another link to ways of seeing and doing, but to ask the questions “if you so choose”, is to be seen as your higher self/true self connection instigating that process, not you.
The reason for this is to show you that while you don’t know, the other part of you does.

Roll with what is at play at this time, and know that the questions you are putting out there are not so much for you, but the ones who will need to reignite what has already begun to take place within them

This is so.