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How was Earth Originally Populated
 How Was Earth Originally Populated?

Parallel lives in the first order were created to advance the races of aliens that were born of successive beings.

Trusted light beings in all their apparatus were to conceive what was to become knowledge by the way of a species known to us as hybrids.

Nothing was to be of contrived matter.

Lesser abilities sent to foreign worlds for their path in rites of passage.
Governed by the Ones of hierarchy, the ones of parallel worlds began their existence by inhabiting the same space and time.
The disconnection of same was due to their contractual arrangements to G.O.D.
As one died in the beginning life, that energetic self was placed on another world to begin its run with the lessons of that life. .

As each life dies in that given world, so begins the next run of parallel life for the journey of more experiences and lessons.

The self which collapses on the last life, is done so by the contracted path to circumvent the whole process when lessons in each life are learnt

When were droids introduced? 

Droids were brought to earth by the beings of the collective.
They were not seen as familiar but accepted for their path of contracted path.
The run of droid in that life, then depended on the overriding abilities that they would face in a two fold way. One was to search out of them their ability to function in a knowing way, the other to search out their connection to the collective force which operated through them.

Droids were a fabricated, created circumstance for the beings to move forward.

This is So.