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How the War was Won

Past, Present, Future.

As everything is happening all at once – no linear time – then what we are about to tell you is so!

When we gaze upon your world, we do not look through rose coloured glasses – we see it for what it is.
A world which has delivered itself to itself – on a platter.

How could there not come a time, when all deeds done by each other, to each other, are realized.

There on your earth, where wars are not about peace – but about war.
If Peace was the main objective – then you would not find yourself in this hole.

There have been many holes that your earth has dug – none deeper than the hole it has dug for itself this time round.

As humans forged their own way, on their own paths, they lost sight of the bigger picture.
That to successfully build a foundation of TRUST, FAITH and BELIEF in each other – first you had to have it yourself. For without it, you were doomed to go down a road where little else mattered, except the selfish rights that were indeed to take you on a path of POWER, GREED, MONEY. All the ingredients that your world needed to succeed it’s way.
Not our way.

All of you have contributed to the demise of earth as you know it.

The earth was there to flourish, to give you everything you ever needed. But it was not there to succumb to the mindless efforts of those who chose to take it on a path of destruction, for the sake of individuals who took it upon themselves to play God.

When the world as you know it ceases to be, then know that the Universe will have it’s way.

The battles were not fought and won, they were fought and lives changed forever in the way that was not seen before.

Those who chose to see beyond the manufactured world, the hallowed world – saw a world that would not tolerate the way it had been.

When man made construction causes the destruction, then the foundations of a new way will begin.

Those who would seek to continue in a destructive way can only have themselves to blame for the seeds that have been sown.
No longer a world where people are the frontiers, but rather the Powerful are the leaders, the ones who set the pace for the rest.

No longer a place where the voices of the children, the innocent, the peacemakers can be heard.

The time was upon you all to reflect where THEY had led you, where THEIR interests lay.
The voices that were NOT heard by the POWERFUL, were heard by US, the only ones who could free you from the mayhem that had been created.
When the rights of the people were taken away from them by their own, then know that you have come to the end of earth, as you know it.
It will not be allowed to go on. It can not.

To move beyond what you have created for yourselves, to an earth where sacrifices have already been made, where law and order are not seen as a necessary way of life, but rather an outmoded existence.
For the ones who do continue into the 5th dimension, who take the earth into the 5th dimension, take with them the knowledge that comes from a greater understanding.  Will not have with them the fears of old, the traits of old, the knowledge of old.

New Understanding, New Ways, New Life, New Beginning. It could be no other way.

You have all played your parts to perfection, all of you.
Without you it could not be possible.

You were all placed on earth for your lessons, your growth. To come to your OWN higher connections.

Earth was not there for you, to pick it to pieces, but to build the blocks, to lay the foundations for the best life.

When earth moves into the 5th dimension, two thirds will go.
The ones who remain will be the Ones who WILL lay the New Foundations, who WILL walk the walk, talk the talk.

Earth to US, is part of the greater Universe, but just a part. It works in conjunction with other 3rd dimensional worlds that contain parallels.
It functions on it’s own, but at the same time it reflects on those other worlds, those parallels, as to ignore what moves simultaneously with you, would be to dismiss how important a part you play.

As you evolve, grow, so to does those other parallels of you.

As each grows with a connected awareness, so does the consciousness, the Higher Consciousness, taking with it the collective consciousness of that world.
As your earth moves into the 5th dimension, the consciousness, the collective consciousness of beings that have chosen to connect to that part which will be made clear, will have a cataclysmic effect on beings throughout the earth.
Make no mistake how powerful the unseen can be, how powerful the effect can be, how instrumental this will be to earth’s moving into the 5th dimension.
The ones who are left to deal with their own plight, their chosen paths in the greater universe, will come to know of their place.

The bigger picture is only given in a broad outline, as the one of Morphi, who brings through universal information, does so in accordance with what is allowed to be brought through.
This information is not sought by or interpreted by any one person. It is given directly as intended.

This information is given in the way of knowledge. Your believing or not believing does not change an outcome which has already happened.

We are here to INFORM, NOT conform. We are here to SHARE, NOT to despair. We are here to TEACH, NOT to preach.

We do not talk of the religions, we do not talk of the leaders, we do not talk of the fanatics.
This has all been created by earth, for earths struggles. For earths lessons.

We do however speak of a higher power, G.O.D. One that can be ignored, shunned, abused, used.

It does not make any difference, as the CREATOR of all has with it something that you do not control – The OUTCOME.

For all the talk will not change what has been deemed to be, by your very own hands, not G.O.D.’s hands.
When the war is over, by the end of 2012, know that what you have been given was indeed, ‘How the War Was Won’.

This is So