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The Higher Self


The HIGHER SELF is only with you to show you the way back to “who you really are”. It is the go between the 3D bigger self with knowledge and the TRUE SELF.

It is a directed force and has no leanings to the 3D.

The HIGHER SELF enables you to connect, that is all.
The 3D “thinking self” will have its own perceptions of what the HIGHER SELF is and is blinded by that belief.

The HIGHER SELF enables you to connect to a higher level of seeing and has no investment in a 3D life.

Because the Universal process happens to you, there is nothing in a 3D life that will make you “get it”.

The HIGHER SELF provides you with the connection to access a higher level of learning and the little self will do whatever it takes to short circuit a universal process.

The HIGHER SELF will create what the bigger self needs to see, as this is how the process works.
The bigger 3D self with knowledge, only accesses information that is already available to it, as it can only be this way.

The tools and information have enacted the HIGHER SELF connection but that is all.

Realise that the HIGHER SELF is not led by 3D thoughts and is not attached to the lesson. The HIGHER SELF only applies when no leaning is evident.
When living in the 3D you are subjected to all that is around you, the bigger self with knowledge then has the choice, when confronted with the 3D, to see the opposite of what is at play.

The bigger 3D self with knowledge can see the difference, it knows the difference, but it does not live the difference.

Knowledge does not make the “being” - DOING DIFFERENTLY does.

The 5th Dimension is 180 degrees out with 3D thinking, doing and seeing. It is not bound by earth’s law.
If you think you are seeing from the HIGHER SELF, then you are not. If you think you are doing differently, then you are not.
When you are being led by the bigger 3D self with knowledge, realise you are subjected to hidden agendas within the self, whether you choose to see this as so, or not.

The bigger 3D self operates from a 3D base, not universal

Understand that to access your HIGHER SELF free from the bigger 3D self baggage, you have to SURRENDER what you think you know to be true.
The bigger 3D self has no alternative but to let go.
If the bigger 3D self chooses to hang onto its perception of the 5D, then it has chosen to stay fixed within the confines of the bigger 3D self with Universal knowledge.

To move forward from that perception you need to be reminded of the moving goal posts.

To remain fixed in how you want things to be, does not allow for your HIGHER SELF to make its presence known.
The HIGHER SELF is not bound by how you think and it will keep letting you learn your lessons until YOU get to where you need to be.

If you start by assuming that you don’t know, then you are a step closer to connecting to your HIGHER SELF.

This is so.