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The Hidden Self

In the Hidden Self

Consider this!

The True being Self - Cause
Higher Self - Effect
Little Self - Cause
3D Self - Effect

  3D Self
The one that operates in a 3D world, who puts out in it's learned way, thru taught beliefs, who has to compromise itself in order to fit in, The one who is affected by what is around it.

  Little Self
The self you are left with, to deal with, that steers you in your life, the one that causes you to react, to act out, by what is around it. It’s the self, which is a work in progress, never ending.

  Higher Self
The self that emanates from a higher source is contracted to fulfill its souls journey. It is the Higher Self that is the gap between the earthly self, it is the self that is affected by directives, it cannot operate any way, but universally. It seeks to be discovered in a sense by the little self, so it can guide you into fulfilling your contract on earth. It is the knowing self, the realized self; it's your contact to higher realms. It cannot be achieved any other way. It's who you are. It is a living entity, which exists beyond earthly limitations.

  True Self
The self that got you here in the first place, the self that has to exist, otherwise you would not. It is the self that is seeded from that which is G.O.D. The self that has had to agree to the lives that would be lived on earth or otherwise, the self that has sealed your path, has agreed to the lessons that will be learned or not, the self that causes the whole process to take place, to work. It’s the self, which you return to when you leave your earthly life. To begin again, on another contracted life.

The Causes and the Affects which live within the Hidden Self are just as tangible as the causes and affects that you live out everyday with those around you, be it family, friends, acquaintances, world events, etc. To understand the hidden self first, to see why you do what you do in an open and truthful way, will give to you the steps to take in being able to address the issues in your life which you live out in a 3d world. The answers, the true answers will only be found within.

This is so.