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Following Through In 3D and 5D


» Following through, secures an outcome.
» Following through, is the result of a choice.
» Following through, results in “holding onto” or “letting go”.

What does it take to follow through on choice that is agenda driven; we will tell you that it takes a perception that is clouded by a wanted outcome.
Following through is the result of the thought that precedes it in the 3D.
The 3D self will ultimately decide the path to take whether it be 3D or 5D, as the 3D self will test itself to the point of seeking validation from the other parts of the self.

When the 3D self is tested in the way of following through, it has already determined at that point of choice to seek a validation.
The self will follow through to secure an outcome for the gain of self.
The self will deny the part it has played in creating a circumstance that is self fulfilling and self defeating at the same time.

You were born to create not obliterate.

You have been given insights into yourselves and have not liked what you have created. Why is this so?
Is it because you have not taken responsibility for your actions and not seen the “cause and affect” playing out within the self?
You have opted to pass judgment on others for the plight you have created within the self.
There is not one being on your earth that has not blamed another for the way he or she thinks, feels or acts.

If every being were to look at themselves for their created life, they would see how they got to where they are.

What does the Universe mean by “following through” in 5D?

It means following through on what you are meant to be doing.

The 5D part of you only knows how to work at this level and knows why it pushes the little self to look further than the earthly eyes see.
The ones who have been privy to the workings of “themselves” have been given a glimpse into themselves at a level of knowing that has not been seen on your earth before.

The information that has been deemed by the Gift of Design and released, is ground breaking, into the workings of the self.
It is the KEY to the 5D self and goes beyond any 3D logic and understanding.
You have the ability within to turn the KEY, but it will only open the door to the self, by following through on what you have been given and are meant to be doing on this level, not the earthly level.

What you have been given is life changing and it changes lives, but it won’t be done your way, it will be ours.
What you go through in the 3D is necessary, until you are prepared in the self, to follow through at contract level.

Understand, it is a process that happens to you.

You will not be coerced into following through, as you have to come to YOURSELF via the process of Universal Lore.
It is thorough and it is not bound by earthly processes, as you are.

The choice to follow through is the biggest challenge that the self faces, as to follow through means you are faced with all parts of the self that do not want to “let go” of the set ways.
There are no half measures when it comes to the True Self and it will sacrifice everything to follow through on its contract at this level.
Remember that what faces you there and challenges you, is that part of you that wants you to “get it”. It is prepared to put up with the antics of the little self until it sees.

The True Self will test you to the limit until you SEE Universally.

How do you walk away from the part of you that is following through in the 5D, when the 3D self is doing the same at that level with the little self in tow?

When the 3D follows through on what it wants, it will then meet head on the TRUE SELF that is 180 degrees out.

The question needs to be asked of yourself why you choose not to follow through.

Only the 3D can decide whether to follow through on a choice, it is not done by the 5D self.

The 3D will act out on all levels of communication when in it is denied by the 5D self to participate in the lesson.

This is so.