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Finding the Balance


Finding the balance within the self is the “journey" to the self.
To find the balance within the self you first have to recognise that you lean to the outcome you want.

To reach the point of balance within the self, requires letting go of all thoughts that distract you from your destination.
It is quite simple, when you overcome the wants and what you think you need, to get you there.

Balance comes at a price to the self that hangs on to 3D leanings.

The TRUE SELF has “no leaning” to an outcome and will let you learn in the way that is tailored to you and not anyone else.

The 3D will juggle what it knows to fit in with a 3D purpose.
The balance will not be found within the 3D landscape
as there is no common ground between the 3D and 5D.

There are no half measures when it comes to the 5D; you are either one way or another.

Understand that the 3D self is very clever when it assumes a 5D view. It will “lean” to the side of the 3D inherent self to give it answers it wants to hear.

Until you recognise why you lean to a 3D view there won’t be any clarity of self.
When you find the balance which is the TRUE SELF, all else will fade and the “being” with no leaning will emerge.

No leaning, just being.

You are bringing to you, all that is needed for insights.
Remember, that what you don’t see isn’t there until you create it.

When you try to find a reason for doing or not doing you are creating a line of enquiry that is open to choices.
For instance, if you think that you are not fulfilling your role, you leave wide open the door to an acceptance of that thought. This then creates an obstacle within the self that feeds the 3D perception of what you should be doing.

Understand that finding the balance only requires you to accept you in the present moment of being. It does not require you to project yourself into areas that do not exist at that point.
Thought, perceptions, expectations are 3D made and require a lot of “manpower”, to create illusions within the self.

This question is most apt in “finding the balance” as there will be those who will project this onto everything and create a mountain to climb within the self.
It is not about “fixing” anything, it’s about focusing on the “self” at that moment and having clear intentions about what you are leaning towards.

One step at a time, not a mountain at a time.

This is so.