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Facts and Judgment


What is the difference between ‘facts and judgment’? 

What is behind the intent of putting out the facts? A fine line we will say.

A judgment comes from the inability to assess the self in detail.

When a way of being conflicts with a way of doing then know that obstacles are being presented in the way of ‘rubbing’ against one another.
This will show an immediate feeling of uneasiness within the self as the self tries to wear what is seen.
As this relates to the self then you must also realise that what arises is attributed to inherent feelings.

As judgment is passed from one generation to another and from one life to another then the facts ultimately have little to do with how we perceive the truth, as in all truth there is an area of play, an area of absolute.

When facts become your truth then know that what you then perceive to be, will also become your good judgment.

To have good judgment or bad judgment relating to the facts will then become your truth as you see it.

As ones truth is not necessarily another’s truth the facts can become distorted.

When trying to understand the truth of self, you must also understand where the comfort of self emerges. As in truth there is also comfort.

When judging the facts, the ability is taken away from you to judge correctly as you have already become entangled in making a good or bad judgment call relating to the self.

This is so.