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The Expanding Truth


See the expanding universe as you; see you as the expanding universe. 

The expanding truth is ever evolving.
See what you do not know as apt.

What you know to be the Truth now, is all you know at that point.
The Truth will still evolve from that point.
It is taken beyond its fixity at that point of knowing.

Once a Truth is realized, it is obsolete at that point.
The Truth then becomes expanded; it encompasses everything and at that point evolves.

What you do not know is apt, as it comes before the Truth.

Truth is only known when you allow for that Truth to be received in the way of “not knowing”.

See this as a blank canvas waiting to be painted.
Once the painting begins it will unfold and emerge if you allow it.
To be that BLANK canvas in the self is what comes before Truth. It is the beginning of what is about to unfold, evolve.

» When there is fixity of a perceived truth it stops the evolutionary truth proceeding forward.
» When you perceive one way, what you think to be truth, it allows for that perception to become your truth.
» When a perceived truth is acted upon it sets up the ‘lesson’ until that perceived truth is seen.

This is so.