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Droids of Encodes
Droids of Encodes

Droids can only make decisions based on information given to them by themselves.
They are the robots of earth who are the ones being led down a certain road.

Why and who is taking them there?
Who drives the droids of earth?

What implants have been soldered into those who only go one way?

We will tell you that the troubles of those in countries where wars reign are droids encoded with data already given.
Just as the churches are given droids of encodes which will bend the world of same, the same way.

Governments with ‘encodes’ can only take one direction one road. They are part of an elaborate scheme to take earth one way.
“Encoded droids” have come from an internal network of alien droids who inhabit earth.
They are not of a universal consciousness, but of earth’s realms.

Dwellers, floaters who walk amongst you do so because of their inability to see further.
They do get caught in between the universal layers and the earthly crusts.

We will tell you also that those who attach themselves to earthly issues or beings, are there to disrupt those who carry with them similar traits and light, at times.
The ‘encoded droids’ have within them the ability to appear in alien form to those on earth.
They therefore are not of lower dimension but of earth’s realms.
Earth has its limitations, it is put there by its own structure of law.

Droids of encode are there to infiltrate their own. To bring earth to globalisation, to a controlling force which will ‘round up’ those who are on the fringe and to bring under one umbrella the discordant ones. To wipe clean those who set out to upset the apple cart.
See before you how easy it is for earth to be led into the ‘round up’.
Do not dismiss what you see and what you do not, for what is behind the scenes on earth, is bigger than what is shown.

Out of the blue.

This is So!