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Droids & Beings

Have you ever wondered why some people on the earth seek to know all they can about the seemingly unknowable, push their own boundaries, push past their own fears born out of their conditioning, to know themselves and the world they live in?
Have you also ever wondered why the great bulk of individuals do not seek to adventure, but are content to confine themselves to a limited understanding and a seemingly comfortable life?
Content to accept the teachings of history, as all there is to know about existence is assumed to be contained in those revered doctrines.
The Spiritual quotient is consigned to the Mystical or the Religious and not considered to be a part of physical existence, a dualistic perception at the very least. What is seen as physical is real, what is seen as Spiritual is somehow not real.

We will now tell you why there is this prevalent dualistic perception of life.
The simple fact is, there are two kinds of humans that occupy the earth. Droids and Beings.

  Droids are all seeded, from the one collective soul.
  Beings have an individual seeding and a unique or personal soul.
  Droids are of three dimensional Earth only.
  Beings are of Evolutionary and Universal origin.

  Droids who mate with Droids produce Droid offspring.
  Beings who mate with Droids produce Being offspring

As in all of the Universe, the imperative is evolution, everything grows and improves, always seeking to improve it’s status. It is the same with all humans, whether they be Droids or Beings.

The three dimensional world of the Droid is a separate and protected nursery of the Universe, which allows the newly seeded Human Droid to recycle by the process of Reincarnation to evolve and learn all of the lessons a three dimensional world can teach it. The Droid has no free will in this evolutionary reincarnation process and is directed by the Hierarchy of Beings who make up what we will call the God Force.
When Droids physically die they go to their own Heaven, based on their own earthly belief system, which we in fact will call their Home World. Their stay in their Home World is strictly transitory, as they are moved on to their next incarnation into another three dimensional physical world. The life they will live in their next physical existence is dictated by what they have learned or not learned in their previous life.
Three dimensional Droids have no choice in this process. Hence the title, Droid. This should not be seen as a negative term but rather a simple fact.

Human Droids, as the denizens of the nursery of Young Souls in the Universe, have limits placed upon their ability to perceive further than this closed system will allow. They will understand the concept of a God, in simple terms, representing a Father Figure. This Father Figure gives love and discipline and is seen as judgemental. A figure to be feared and loved at the same time. You will see this as the basic concept inherent in all of Earth’s Religions. Anything outside of these teachings is seen as Demonic.
We will say, that in reality it is the Human Droids concept of God, but not the truth, as their only true connection with God is in the transitory period between lives and not in their physical three dimensional lives. Droids are connected to God, in a soul sense by proxy or the hierarchy who overseer the three dimensional world.

As the Human Droid evolves in this nursery system, through deeds done, we will say that it becomes an Evolved Human Droid, and may be invited, by contracts and agreements made, to cross over and make the transition to a Being, with a direct relationship to God. This is what we call the Birth of a Young Soul.
A Being with it’s own Individual Soul, and Free Will. This process is conducted by the Hierarchy of Beings who overseer the Human Droid world. At this time, the newly created Young Soul, is made Pure for it’s evolution as a Being. From that moment onward it is separated from it’s Home World and is free to inhabit other dimensions. The Soul of the Re Birthed Droid will then see out it’s time being reinstated back on Earth as a Being with it’s path set. The slate is *clean, the soul born anew, A Young Soul.