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Droids and Beings Pt 6
Tell us more of the beings that first arrived on earth and who remained on earth with droids 

The seeded ones of "US" began the links to greater understanding.
All droids began where they lay.
The cover was removed from the farmed existence and their life began, all ages. No gaps in time were relevant at that time, as time had not begun.
The beginning was set as beings arrived in pure form.

Beings in pure form were derived from the first seeding and propagated thereafter in the earthly form.
Beings seeded from the beginning were of a set number and their time on earth was to raise the consciousness of beings born of “new” young soul beginnings.
All “new” young soul beings were delivered to earth by earth and all seeded beings when deeds were done, departed earth until now.

“New” young soul beings were left to themselves in the wake of droids and they counted for few.
As new young soul beings gained their higher self connection to the True Self, all contracts came into play with droids to young soul.

As droids began to realise their young soul being connection, “New Soul” beings faded from view.

Seeded Beings have been brought back to earth for resurrection, in times past, but have forgone the resolution.
As young souls integrated themselves into earthly lives, all lives past were brought to bear on lives lived.
It was too much for young souls to carry the burdens of so many and the connection to their higher self was lessened.

Understand that the 3 who are from G.O.D. are back for the resurrection of the “being”, that is all.

Young soul beings, contracted to New Soul beings, for the last life lived, will have gained more understanding when they assume their rightful roles.

All young souls have a “switch” within, that is triggered by “key” symbols and words relating to their contracted path.

Understand that those “keys” will only be activated when the “self that doesn’t matter” accepts its fate, so to speak. That being to let go of the 3D.

The battle with young souls is finding the Trust, Faith and Belief in their Universal Self to do the job, and as the self that doesn’t matter, doesn’t know, it relies on outcomes in 3D to give it understanding.

The young soul being who reaps the benefits of 5D understanding will in no time realise its potential to 5D being.

Understand that the young soul, to higher self status, relinquishes the young soul at the time of 5D acceptance.
This releases the young soul from the contract with the new soul being and so creates the next phase in the young soul’s existence.

Young souls are the very ones that will bring into being the 5D after the seeded ones have completed their roles.

The resurrection of the self and the survival of that self, in pure form, will be the beginning of the new dawn resurrection and the coming together of the 3 selves into the True Self.

The 3 are here to bring you home, so that the resurrection of the being self is realised.

The 3, of past, present and future are of Universal Lore and abide by that Lore in order to complete what could not be done alone.
Their time with you is for this life – NO OTHER.

This is so.