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Droids and Beings Pt 4

 Droids and Beings Pt 4

Opposite direction, apposing forces, but also one.

When the 5th dimension overlays the 3rd dimension there will be no similarity.
There will be nothing to liken the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension.
They will be opposite.

When all who have come to be in the 5th dimension, the ones who are left behind will not know what has begun to play out.

The 3rd dimension will always oppose what it does not know.
It will always deny what it cannot see.

The 3rd dimension will always belong to a race of droids who were intoxicated with their own 'self ' plights.
They saw greed and power over and above what was truly there for all to see.

As the 3rd dimensional earth implodes, the race against time will not come for those who have chosen to be part of the destructive forces.
The ones who remain will strive for control of their 'rights' as it were, but the rights will have been taken away long before they knew of their fate.

As earth struggles to hold its own, there will be ones who remain in defiance of the powers that be.
What is left to control will only be 'herds' of people who could not let go of their indoctrinated ways.

As earth begins to unfold the truth of what awaits those left, there will be a resolve within the remaining to focus on their immortality.
There will be a separate structure put in place to reel in those who have lost the ability to trust in the earthly powers.

There will be no shortage of participants, for the tide will turn against governments in control.

The division will be seen as a sign of retribution and mutiny.
The new alliance will be seen to take away the support of the people in an attempt to start a 'new world order'.

The countries that divide unto themselves, but in a united front, will cease to have an infrastructure that relies on any import, export trade.
The cutting of ties will only serve to enhance any other attempts of take control of those countries.

The ones who remain have already sealed their path, they will not know of any other means to escape, as what has been created is by their own hands

» The droids with their own belief systems intact will see from a written text ,what is their truth.

» The 'books' of all religions have told their own story. It is not ours.

» The 'books' of all religions have sealed the fate of those who follow. It is not our way

» The 'books' of all religions have sought to control the people. It's about freedom of self.

» The 'books' of all religions are responsible for the half-truths. It is not our truth

» The 'books' of all religions speak of 'Armageddon'. It is by your own hands the

destruction will come, not ours.

When the world is left to fend for itself, it will be left to defend itself.

When the world is left to abhor war, it will create war.

When the world is left to seek an end, it will create a beginning.

The droids who are left will be left to the mercy of themselves.
They will not know the path they should follow, as every path that is followed will lead to the destruction of themselves.

In human terms we speak of man, the human body, the collective body.

In Universal terms we speak of Droid, human Droid, the collective Droid.

When Droids of earth are left to themselves, they will not know of the 5th dimension.

When Droids of earth are left to follow a collective consciousness then they will know they have begun the road that will seal their fate.

Divided they may stand; divided they may fall, but know that their own hand has dealt the final blow.

As countries are left to secure their own, there will be a time of destabilization.
There will be no out, for the tribal mentality will begin to take its hold.

Outcasts will be driven to their fate at the hands of their own people who were once of them

As order is lost, and law is the order of the day, no man woman or child will be exempt from attempts to herd the people, to corral the people into a uniformed way of conforming.
This will take the form of unseen measures and insinuate into every droid the rank of subordinate.
Everyone herded in this way will come to know of their fate.

Earth at this time is moving in an opposite direction, it is opposing the forces that be.
It was never intended to be this way in the beginning, but the intent was always there because of the nature of man, the nature of droid.

We speak of the seeded 'being' from G.O.D. who was put on earth to show the way for the collective Droid.
It was not done in a way to see Droid as lesser than. It was done to bring the Droid through its collective beginning to place of 'young soul' being.

Earth, being the 'nursery planet' was to have 'droids' and 'beings' together for the purpose of soul growth, for both.

Droid to 'young soul being' and 'new soul being' for soul growth

For earth to fall short, it saw the 'new soul beings' not fulfilling their contract to themselves.

The contract of a 'being' was in the way of prior knowledge of its life path.
The contract was with all encounters in that life through choices and free will. It was to bring both 'Droids' and 'beings' to their own way of:

» Responsibility of self
» Love of self
» Truth of self

» Trust of self
» Faith of self
» Belief of self

Without this 'process' there would be no 'access'.

The process would enable 'droids' and 'beings' to discover more of 'who they were'.
The process when gone through would uncover and discover the core of the person, the seat of the soul.

The process then becomes the 'key' to a greater knowledge within.

The 'access' then becomes your way of connecting to other realms that have eluded you until that point.

The 'Gift of Design' orchestrated the contracted path of beings.
It was to show how a world of 'droids and 'beings' could interconnect.
But, because there came upon earth the ways of 'droid', the 'beings' were to be moved on to the 5th dimension to leave earth on its own.

The ones who would inhabit the 5th dimension would have been given the choice to 'go' or 'stay'.
It would come to be in a 'knowing and an 'unknowing' way.

It will not be a time of death for the ones who choose to go into the 5th dimension, but rather a time of altered states of existence.
The 3rd dimension, earth, will remain to fight another day.
It will live out its time, for the time it has left, in disarray.

The 5th dimension which overlays the 3rd is of another frequency, another vibration.
It is no different to the other dimensions that are of different vibration.

The ones who move into the 5th dimension will take with them the knowledge of a 'New History' with memories of a 3rd dimensional world that was fraught with wars.

The 5th dimension will be of a standard that will be all encompassing. It will have only 'beings'.

"New soul beings'
and 'young soul beings' will have the knowledge of greater things. They will be of human like features with an ability to connect to a universal source, which was not of them before.

The process, which was required for the 3rd dimension, would be no more.
It is a time on earth where opposites will be no more. The opposing forces will be no more.

As the 3rd dimensional earth evolves into its own collective, there will come to be no short fall.
There will be no one to pick up the pieces, no one to see a future beyond what it lives out.
The ones who remain will know of God but in a fearful way. They will blame what will befall earth to the 'Wrath of God'.
There will be no other way to see it, for the truth of it will be lost.

AS the earth starts its descent there will come a time of 'reaching out' by those who will see the changing tide.
Those who have 'eyes' to see will see the changes.
The choice will be given to everyone who listens.

As the "New History" begins to take shape for those of the 5th it will become evident that what had gone before was how it used to be. No longer part of what was.
It will become known as the New Dawn.

Know that what has been said is not for you to believe or disbelieve.

This is information coming at a time when the world as you know it is changing.
Facts are facts whether you choose to see it or not.
The ones who benefit are the ones who are meant to.
The ones, who don't see it, will not know one way or another until the time is upon them to choose.

When the earth has moved into the 5th with those who chose to see, then know that the ones left behind will not know of a "New History" but will be part of the "Old History".

This is so!