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Droids & Beings Pt 2

Droids & Beings Pt 2

The other humans which inhabit the world you live in, are Beings not evolved from Droids. These Beings are created directly by God and as such are of the God Source. The process is now outlined for you.

  By the birthright given to those ones by Contractual Hierarchy, Beings in pure energy form are delivered to themselves by the One God who has all knowledge of seedings.
  Seeded Galaxies come about by the demand of one system to be in place for specific reason given by the One God.

The beginning of said Being is created by Universal Fusion of a Pure Energy connected directly to the God Energy.
The Being created is done through the Will of God and has no relation to that which is deemed other than Being.
No beginning, no end, there never could be as the galaxies, universes are part of the Grand Design.
The name God, given to the creator was always and forever will be the connection through which all Beings and Droids and all life exists and will be forever more as before.
The Universal Mind is present to those who exist in any form which can connect through a given source. Namely, the God Source.
Energy Beings from the beginning of pure energy are taken from what is known as the Collective Consciousness.
The Collective Consciousness is of Pure God energy, it is of no other way.
The Being born of this is that part of God which is in it from the God beginning.
The Being selected from that energy collective state is of no other way than of God.
To be seeded from that Collective Consciousness takes the form of Individual Soul Connection.
The Soul is of “Being” that can only be existent when the Being is seeded from the Collective Consciousness. The beginning of that Soul Being has with it no previous thought. It is placed in whatever Gift Of Design that has been deemed by Hierarchy.
If we say to you that the Ones Most High are The Ones deemed to direct Beings to their place of existence, then this would be so.
The Energy Being with Pure energy form and Soul, has, once the Energy Being is One with itself, a Soul. That Soul is not active as such as it has not begun it’s run yet.
When the “Being” is born of God, the Soul of that being will be placed before the Ones Most High.
All Beings are the same when of God Energy, it can be of no other way.

The Ones Most High direct that Energy Being through their connection with the God Source to Hierarchy which have with them their duties to perform.
Beings placed before Hierarchy are given their chosen lives. All lives chosen to live are done so with full knowledge. There are reasons for this.
The “Being” placed before Hierarchy in Pure energy form with it’s known history to come, chooses it’s own road, because once chosen it has to fulfil it’s own contract to itself. It becomes part of it’s own journey, in Pure Energy form and with it’s life’s purpose chosen and sealed by Hierarchy the Being will be placed in the Home World Chosen.
The Home World is the seeded beginning of that Being which will then take it further to where it was always meant to be.

Pure form always exists while contained within esoteric realms.
Once a Being is placed within it’s chosen place of birth, be it physical or otherwise, so begins it’s Souls journey.
The soul at the beginning of physical life knows it’s role of “Being”
The Being that you are in it’s “always pure form”, is the God Connection.
The “Being”, being the seeded beginning has chosen it’s Road in whatever way, for whatever lessons to ultimately learn for the soul reason to ignite Beings in Human form in their learned Universal Understanding in existence.
Who they are, why they are, where they are.
To not be less than what you are.
The Universal Mind given, was to give every Being an opportunity to develop it’s true self in a physical way.
To see how a physical Being, Human Being, can connect with it’s own God energy, it’s own self and exist in a dimension where enlightenment can lead you to yourself on Earth.
God, in all knowing placed all that exists for life in whatever form to become part of the IS creation.
Beings of Earth all know in their true form that to find their path will give them insights for their chosen journey.
No easy feat, but necessary in God’s way.
For God’s way is to have the ultimate say.

When life as you know it on your Earth is full of angst and Beings of Earth see beyond and time approaches for change, then know that the Hand of God is in play.
The Collective Consciousness of Beings of God have with them the will of God.

The THREE are part of this, this is so.