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Droids and Beings Pt 5

Tell us of Worlds upon Worlds, does this refer to 3rd dimensional worlds only?

The mirror within the illusion reflects back to you what needs to be seen.

The reflection is showing you “out takes” of other 3rd dimensional worlds.

What you have before you is the reversal of what has already begun.
You see, the worlds within the 64th galaxy grow in number continuously.
They produce their own planes and dimensions.

Those planes and dimensions within each world carry all the parallel lives on all levels of understanding.

As each life finishes and begins anew, it takes with it, from that world, all knowledge of that world and its dimensions.
As there are only 3rd dimensional worlds within the 64th galaxy, any reincarnation will be in accordance with lessons learned.

All young soul beings are required to go before hierarchy in each world they inhabit be it in physical or energy form.

Each dimension is within its own world and plane and has no bearing on outcomes of other worlds.
There is a cross over in linking information and knowledge but this is only done within the confines of hierarchy.

Understand that the 3 are the New History of the 5th dimension and are creating at this time links in understanding and format.
The 3 are based where they need to be for the 3rd dimensional earth to move into the 5th dimension.

The young soul beings of earth are up for grabs, as it were.
This relates directly to their True Self in its borrowed form.

Young souls that have evolved through the 3rd dimensional worlds are all at this time on earth, as the New Dawn approaches.

The True Self of the evolved young souls is ready for their departure when young souls make their choice.
Understand that all who have made their way through 3rd dimensional worlds for soul growth are rewarded in their earthly role as teacher.

As lives are carried forwarded in passages of time, it will become known of traits and essences of other selves. Those selves are directly related to the droid in the incarnate life.
Droids at incarnate stage of their 2nd chance run will inhabit earth for no longer than one life.

The numerous selves that are carried through with each proceeding life are only divested at the point of changing from one life to another.
This means that as a droid is reinstated into this 3rd dimensional world again it will be faced with parts of the self that have expanded in traits and therefore are more pronounced in areas of personality and disposition.
The concentrated selves which are less in number but stronger in deed, will be pushed to expose themselves.
This is the life of a droid who lives by the 3D code as it were, which is one of personal gain and promotion of little self.

At the point of recognising the self and its inherent traits, the droid can only assume the position of an earthly view, not universal.
In that earthly view however, because of its collective traits, it can attach itself to an earthly concept of G.O.D.
At this point of seeing part of the bigger self in the 3D view, a droid will endeavour to redeem itself from its life lived thus far.

When at the point of departure once more in that realm, a droid will have all knowledge of the young soul to true self connection.

At the point of cross over, the young soul will gain the ‘go between’ connection, which is the Higher Self.

The Higher Self then becomes the created consciousness of that Young Soul, which then has the ability to access its True Self identity.
The ‘new young soul being’ of the Gift of Design and beyond, is recognised as a surrogate to that True Self for a borrowed time only.
This relates to the nursery planet earth.

Everything grows and evolves within its own planes and dimensions of 3D worlds.

Planes are for instructional purposes and dimensions are for growth purposes.

Within each plane and each dimension of each 3D world, a metamorphosis takes place within the ‘being/true self’ connection. This connected link with the self then becomes the body of evidence that is needed to align with another pure form energy.
That pure form energy is of the seeded beginning.

When in contact with that seeded beginning, the path of that young soul/true self identity is changed into another state of being.

Not until the change is complete, will all 3D worlds feel the change.

Once an identity is changed due to the pure form energy connection, a holding period comes into play which is in alignment with New Dawn.

As each world is changed by the gravitational pull, there comes into play a cosmic genesis connection which will align all planets and star systems to their allotted positions.
During this change all vortexes will remain open for a specific time as altered states are realigned.

As the worlds come into alignment within their own planes and dimension, a flow through affect will be felt.
As each parallel life of each world collapses into one, a change of direction will be felt again.

As the worlds align with each other, the young souls now of true self, will align with their new pure energy form and will start to emerge as one.

In this time of emergence no other contracts will be entered into with hierarchy of 3D worlds.

The time of renewal will begin on one level of operation and saturation and as the life anew begins, all previous connections to past and present circumstance will cease.

No longer will there be any selves of 3D to contend with.

3D selves only exist within the confines of the 3D worlds, each with their own process.
As the nursery planet was the first of its kind, all other 3D worlds were non existent until the process of droid to young soul began.

As the process began, so too did the other 3D worlds.

As was written, young souls could return to earth or move on to another created world.
If it was contracted for a young soul to inhabit another created 3D world, that young soul would become a parallel life in that 3D world.

The created illusion of that world would reinforce a process that would be applicable to it.


Q) “The mirror within the illusion, reflects back to you what needs to be seen”.
A) The “out takes” are the lives you live with now.

Q) Are these parallel lives.
A) Not this time.

Q) Then what are they.
A) The ‘out takes’ are the selves within the selves that endear themselves in a most sinister (opposite to what is seen in 3D, the mirror effect, out of left field) way.

Q) What are those selves.
A) Foreign to all that has been left behind for resurrection for the discovery of self.

Q) Please explain.
A) Roads of abilities are left behind. Foreign encounters are with the living not the dead. All selves are laden with impurities of mind to escape from the earth that they once knew and is now foreign to them.

Q) “ The reflection is showing you out takes of other 3rd dimensional worlds”.
At what level of understanding are you showing us the reflections of out takes of 3rd dimensional worlds.
A) The reflection is showing out takes of other 3rd dimensional worlds in the way of being able to see from a position of reference. This will allow you to adjust to what will come your way, in the way of learning.

Q) Why do young souls need to go to other 3D worlds, if they can attain that evolution in their current world.
A) Because of contracts.

Q) What is before the 64th Galaxy and beyond the 64th Galaxy.
A) All that leads up to, there is nothing beyond what is not there, but there will be when the 5th moves into the 65th Galaxy.

Q) Will there be worlds upon worlds in the 5th.
A) No. You are creating what will be the beginning of the worlds upon worlds.

Q) Will the same process of the multiples of planes and dimensions operate in the 65th Galaxy.
A) You are ahead of yourselves aren’t you. This is to show you that what you are now in contact with, will be open to you as appropriate.

Q) Is it the same process.
A) This is to also show that another part of you knows what it knows, but knows that it doesn’t need to know now. That other part in it’s knowing is being prepared for what IT will come to know.

Q) Those young souls that have failed to make the choice and connect with their surrogate true self to move on, where do they go.
A) They will be left with themselves, with knowledge of what has gone before. They will not be able to reinstate themselves but will become part of a system that will see them up for grabs.

Q) What does that system entail.
A) They will be foreign in their own land as it were, no different to what you have endured in a sense, but in this case there will be no where to go. You see, this is a time of recognition that has arrived too late we will say.

Q) Then what.
A) They will be born into the new beginning to start anew.

Q) What new beginning.
A) They will be born of the 5th but will remain as surrogate to the beings of the 5th. They will be there for a borrowed time only.

Q) In what form.
A) They will be the starting point for some in the etheric layer only.

Q) What state of being does a young soul adopt when in contact with pure form energy.
A) This then becomes the perfect part of the plan in the way of the seeded beginning structure. The young soul is then contracted to those 5D beings as surrogate beings. This is for the interaction between levels of core understandings.

Q) Can it be a possibility for a young soul being to break free from the Grand Order of Design to become part of the Gift of Design.
A) We would see no point to this, as the young soul has already been born of that entity.
A New soul being is seeded directly from the Gift of Design and therefore can not be tampered with in that sense. There is nothing on G.O.D’s earth or universe as it were, to change what has already been deemed. It would be creating something that has already been created and for what?

Q) Which came first Droids or beings.
A) The created farmed existence.

Q) What happened on earth for beings to be part of the being/droid connection.
A) As was said, it became an evolutionary process, as droids evolved over time and their connection to a higher presence, the young soul in them was introduced.

This is So!