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Droids and Beings Pt 3
 Droids and Beings Pt 3.

 Other Worlds. 

We will give to you the complexities of universal data, which will bind other information.
This is necessary to know now, as the links need to be made.

What of other worlds.

» How do they differ from yours?
» Are they any different to your world?
» What is the purpose of finding the connection?

Worlds of other dimensions are like chalk and cheese to any way of life that you know.

Worlds of 3rd dimensions, but of other planes, have their biomechanical, lipposperms, technibiothermal, etheric capsulates, and seonanaplystry. They are made up of particular strains of DNA, which interrelates to their own species.

There is a biological system that links all worlds to one another.

Not the biological systems you would be familiar with, but to make things not so complicated we will tell you that the worlds, which are outside of yours, are self sufficient, self-reliant.

Their structure is not unlike yours, in that they have a hierarchy in place.
They rely on others of same species to run their world. But they follow a system that has a betterment plan.
The infrastructure is failsafe as long as the strong are not allowed to wield their power in such a way that destroys a species life plan. That life plan is to live and die as has been agreed by the being itself, not by others.

There is a self-help regime in place, which allows beings to live a sacrificed life.

This entails not being responsible for others, but being responsible for oneself.

This allows a growth of personal wellbeing, which in turn urges a being to support others in their deemed life.

The lessons learned there are of the fight that may be within them to rally support of living another way, which is not of their deemed life.
Cities are not confined to designated areas. There is not the need for fossil fuel.
The world that has a grid in place, that follows these lines, is more apt to succeed in their total existence as a race than any other world.
3rd dimensional worlds are deemed to move on also in whatever way that has been deemed.

Your world is the last of it's kind to survive. If we say bottom of the heap, do not see this as an inferior place to be. It just means that your way wasn't necessarily the way that 3rd dimensional worlds were meant to survive.

We will tell you that your world was to have the hardest lessons of all.

Yours was the only world to have 'droid' and 'beings' together. To see how a world could survive with two very different humanoids.
One, a 'being' directly seeded from a higher consciousness and the other 'droid' seeded from a collective consciousness.

The biggest lesson of all was to come in the way of integration. One that didn't succeed.

The Parallel lives of 'beings' are directly in line with other 3rd dimensional worlds.
Droids are only of their world that they inhabit.

The Consciousness of the Ones most high: The consciousness of all beings.

The Collective Consciousness: The consciousness of all droids.

Why did "earth" not just have the consciousness of 'beings"?
Because it would have been like any other 3rd dimensional world.

To have the same physical likeness of each other, to have the same plights, traits, lessons as each other, would make the journey that much harder for 'beings' in the search for themselves, their higher selves.
This contracted life of a 'being' was to climb over what had been placed before them, so they could discover of themselves, their true identities.

The lessons for 'droids' in this, was to live their life other than a collective one.

One that was geared to a structured way of following. A life that needed the approval, the sanction of bodies, institutions and infrastructures to survive.
To live a life that was to be 180 degrees out with their way of thinking, would become their greatest gift to themselves, as to struggle against what would be part of their conditioned life would be a lesson in unconditional, unlearned behaviors, ways and beliefs.

The purpose of 'beings' whether they knew it or not, was to find a way to believe in something other than what was placed before them in a strictly coded society, where to follow the rules and indoctrinations was to keep you contained, keep you near; keep you where society needed you to be. For society, in such a state that it's own rules founded on others judgments, would be the downfall of that society.

"Beings' would have to come to their own conclusions, come to their own knowing, come to their understanding of how judgment of others was not the way to higher understanding.
How their limitations too, that were put there by society, would only be removed from them when they saw another way of 'seeing'. Not through others eyes, not by being told how to view, but by their very own connection to a greater force beyond known understanding and limitations.

The two 'races' and we will call them that because of the distinction that is seen from a Universal understanding, were put there to create a world where people of all races could live harmoniously, learn from the differences and expand their knowledge.

Two combined races.

Earth has exceeded itself in denying everyone the right to be who they truly are, by their inflicted messages, by their rules of engagement and by their overpowering need for greed.

Earth is no longer available to you, to have your way.
You will do what is necessary to change the history of the world, to change what will become the moving of the earth on.

When 'earth' the 3rd dimensional world of the 64th galaxy is changed forever, it will not be as you know it to be today.
The ones that remain will have with them the reconstruction of the new society, the new world resurrection.

Beings will not be of your earth any longer; they have done what needed to be done.
They have graced the planet to this date to show you another way of seeing from our eyes.

The beings that have found their way to the higher consciousness, who have found the true meaning of the Gift of Design, will know what this journey was for, will see with their own eyes the benefits they have reaped.

The world, which will be left to fend for itself will be a world where the 5th dimension has been placed upon you, overlaid your 3rd dimensional world.
It will have with it memories of a war long gone, of a society different.
There will be peace, but found only within the self.
All beings will no longer be available to you. They will be long gone.

A 3rd dimensional world will start over again but with feelings anew.
It will be a reconstituted world.
It will have known destruction, a new kind of destruction, one that was to set the scene for the next phase.

When the 3rd quarter of the population is in the 5th dimension, the others will have no known memory of such an occurrence.
It will be likened to coming out of a dream state, awakening with new eyes, with new thoughts. No self-realizations, it will just be.

When one dimension moves into another the feeling is absolute. There will be no previous day, just the one that is.
All memories taken with you will relate to past life, parallel lives.

A parallel life comes from one dimension moving into another.

How could you not know of that life, when you have already lived it, known it?
The memory of that life is stored in you; it is your connection to other worlds of same lives.

We speak to you of parallel lives, all happening at once moving in accordance with your own lives.

When you have certain feelings, thoughts, visions, all related to lives once lived, your very own movie reel in a way. you can play it back any time. You can even take it forward as there is a start and a finish.
When you, in this life, have finished your run on this earth you will move to another dimensional world, one that will have memories of the one you have lived in at this time.
Memories to you are what has been, up until this time in your current life lived.
We will tell you differently. Memories are directly linked to the greater consciousness of you.
There cannot be found, by any scientific method on your earth, how the memory of the esoteric mind works.
If you were capable of knowing such things you would know. But you are not.
What exists in and around you is far greater than what you can see in the physical.

Other 3rd dimensional worlds operate, as you will.
You are the last in the chain.
Those worlds are of no direct link to you, in your plane, but they are linked universally with you in every way.

Every life that emanates from your True Self is directed to other worlds. Some 3rd dimensional worlds, some 8th, 40th, 80th, 100th and so on.
Each life lived on those worlds is moved along in the same way. When that world changes, grows and moves it is overlaid with another dimension, one that is no longer part of that life lived, but a parallel memory of that world.

When parallel lives are lived at the same time and of that one True Self, the contracted path of each life conspires to join with other parallel lives in the way of dreams, visions, feelings, etc.
To take your current life out of the equation, to ignore what relevance each life has on the other, would be to cut off your right arm.
Each life resonates with the other.
Each time a world moves into another dimension, the memory of that world goes with it.

Life on the outside of this explanation, life on the limiting side, will see no logic, as logic is only born of the ones who begin to question their very existence, their reason for being on this earth.
You will not find answers only questions when you seek to look at this from 3D understanding. It cannot be seen from 3d logic, nothing will be gained only lost on you as you struggle to fathom the vast workings of the universe.

This is So!