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Droids To Young Being

Droids to Young Being

  What does this entail and the structural difference between “new being”?

New Being:
Is the first born of G.O.D.

Young Being:
The ones who have had a G.O.D. beginning in the earthly sense and have crossed over for a reason and also been given a Second Chance to complete their given roles.

Droids who are born of young self have with them knowledge of things past. They do not carry with them lessons of self in the same way. They are brought before council to give their young being self a chance to further their soul growth, in the way of contracts sealed, before the Ones who have chosen to deem it so. The God energy already of that young being, and so was in that droid self, now with its new life of young being, begins its journey with the knowing of previous lives and existence of contracts negotiated for the ‘right of passage’.

The ‘right of passage’ now with the young soul, knows of its life anew on earth. With the G.O.D. energy imbedded into the young being, through Hierarchy, it takes with it knowledge of a more difficult journey, as it does not discard memories of remembrance of that earthly realm before. This needs to be so, as this makes up the totality of that young being.

The lessons before, were not learned, but with that was the intention of self to know the right way, the best way, the G.O.D. way, but was never fully realised in an earthly life or lives. The G.O.D. Self in young being was determined to be, due to actions and deeds done. Each life ended in that earthly life as droid self, was to be further in line with crossover to come. To not have that crossover in place, in a universal time, would see that chance to become “young being” gone. The “young being” has the pure energy of G.O.D. within itself and cannot be any other way once imbedded.

To begin its new self run, it has within itself the Universal connection not seen before. The Universal connection now of young soul will be opened up to all that IS, with no limitations of that connection. The “young being” takes with it the past earthly droid life and also the new Universal connection. The journey is made more difficult because of the other lives lived, but their Universal connection will give them knowing of a higher understanding of another way of seeing and doing. To know of this connection, gives young souls their ‘beginning’ of the Way. As with ‘beings’ the young souls will have their path to travel in whichever way, with lessons, but now with higher understanding of this contact. The difference with young souls and new souls in that connection, is that young souls – know another way. New souls do not. Therefore, young souls with their 3D life before, will have to climb over many lives of set ways of doing. They had always been of that realm.

New souls, those born anew, of the collective consciousness would not have the ‘same’ apply. For that ‘knowing’ was from the original new seedings. The young soul in the quest for self, does have the ability to climb over all their previous earthly realm lives. The self, now of a higher understanding, can give to “little self” the way to travel and succeed. The ‘little self’ of young soul, is a very strong part of that self, as it knew no other way and will endeavour to sabotage that other self.

The 3D self, if of young soul, needs to be fully aware that the battle within, is the ‘self’ without, and needs to be guided through processes more diligently. The higher self of the young soul has full understanding of its role and journey. The young soul in ‘little self’, when awakened to the universal mind, will always wants to know more, not necessarily want to act on it and live it. The young being as a young soul can be of no other than droid and being, as this is part of contracts sealed and their journey. The new soul can be either.